Prevention vs. Intervention

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Difference between Prevention and Intervention

Good health is the cornerstone for enjoying many of the ‘funner’ points in life. Preserving a healthy condition means keeping the body and the mind working within normal parameters. A myriad of prevention programs are managed by the local authorities and NGOs to raise awareness on avoiding disease through balanced lifestyle and by avoiding those things which science is proving to be harmful to human health.

Still, there is a wide spectrum of diseases which cannot be prevented and which call for immediate intervention.



Prevention is the result of preventive medicine. The concept incorporates a set of measures which are meant to protect people from contracting diseases. It includes maintaining a balanced lifestyle and focusing on any possible health issues which are a cause for concern individually or collectively.

Intervention can refer to various medical procedures designed to eliminate the effects of a disease.


Prevention programs include vaccination campaigns, physical exercise marathons, seminars and other public gatherings, control over pathogenic agents and regular medical check-up procedures to determine the population’s general state of health. Vaccination is a sure method to reduce the risk of contracting dangerous diseases. This is especially recommended for travelers to countries having endemic diseases such as yellow fever or dengue fever. Physical exercise is a good way to build a strong body. Specialists say that it improves blood circulation, fortifies the immune system and also gives a general sensation of well being.

To learn more about prevention solutions, people can go to seminars or other public gatherings organized on a regular basis by the health community, your doctor and/or visit websites of recognized health authorities. The local authorities need to ensure that pathogenic agents like insects, bacteria and others are kept under control through actions meant to contain their spread and reproduction processes. People should also get a yearly medical check-ups to determine their state of overall health, whereas senior citizens are advised to get a check up every six months.

The intervention procedures can refer to surgery, chemotherapy, physiotherapy, drug medication, radiation therapy. Surgery is the method to extract parts of damaged tissues or to replace defective organs. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are two medical procedures which subject the human body to chemicals or ionizing radiation to eliminate cancerous cells. Prescription medication is another way to fight an infection through the beneficial effects of the chemicals incorporated.


Prevention is a long term objective for health authorities. For people it represents a part of their daily habits. Several diseases are a result of poor hygiene, so taking the time to do it right is very important.

Intervention can occur for a limited period of time needed to cure, restore or heal the human body. It can take from a few days to a few months.

Similarities and Differences

  • Prevention is about protecting people from contracting diseases. Intervention ensures the disease is cured in the shortest amount of time.
  • Prevention programs include vaccination campaigns, physical exercise, health seminaries, and regular medical check-up. Intervention procedures include surgery, chemotherapy, physiotherapy, drug medication, radiation therapy.
  • Prevention is a long term objective. Intervention usually has a shorter duration.

Which is usually more successful?
  • Prevention
  • Intervention

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