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Difference between Sony and Samsung

Sony and Samsung are two of the undisputed giants of the electronics world, and they have both managed to produce products that we use in our daily lives. Aside from being Asian companies, both are as different as any two companies can be, as you will see in this comparison article. 



Sony or Sony Corporation is a multinational corporation based in Japan. Its headquarters are located in Tokyo, and it is currently the fifth largest media conglomerate in the world with revenues estimated at over $77.20 billion. The company is primarily involved in the production of consumer and professional electronic products.

Samsung or The Samsung Group is a Korean company based in Seoul, South Korea. The company is actually the biggest earning conglomerate in the world, with annual returns estimated at over $173.4 billion. In addition to its numerous business interests, Samsung is distinguished by its line of electronic products marketed under the Samsung brand by Samsung Electronics. This division is considered the biggest technology company in the world in terms of revenue.


Sony Corporation actually has a number of smaller companies in its roster, which span the range from consumer products and devices to pictures; financial services to communications, and of course, music. This makes Sony an entertainment company with a remarkably wide scope. Sony even has a semiconductor division, which is among the biggest in the world in terms of sales.

Samsung is a similarly wide reaching company, and its heavy industries division is in fact the second largest shipbuilder in the world. The company also has an engineering division, a construction firm, and even a life insurance division. Samsung has also made inroads into the entertainment industry, and the theme park it has opened under its Samsung Everland division has been adjudged the fifth most popular theme park in the world, coming in ahead of even Disney MGM and Animal Kingdom. The company also has a hotel subsidiary that was ranked among the best 100 hotels in the world in Institutional Investor magazine.

Market Performance

Sony’s output in the electronics market comprised 50% of the total yearly production of such devices, which includes digital and video cameras, flat screen televisions, computers, semiconductors and electronic components. More than half of this output was intended for foreign markets.

Samsung for its part was the largest memory chip producer in the world in 1992, and is now the second-largest chip maker in the world, beaten out only by Intel. The company produced its first liquid-crystal display screen in 1995, and after a decade, it had managed to become the largest manufacturer of such devices in the world. More recently, the company has overtaken Sony as the most popular consumer electronics manufacturer in the world. Samsung is also one of the largest cell phone producers in the world, second only to Nokia.

Similarities and Differences


  • The fifth largest media conglomerate in the world
  • Involved in consumer products and devices, pictures, financial services, communications, and music


  • One of the largest cell phone producers in the world
  • The biggest earning conglomerate in the world

Which company makes better quality TVs?
  • Sony
  • Samsung

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