Google Android vs. Windows Mobile

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Difference between Google Android and Windows Mobile

The Google Android and Windows Mobile have both managed to do what few other smart phones have done, and that is bringing such impressive technology to the masses. Both products have undoubtedly spearheaded the smart phone frenzy that is sweeping across the globe, which makes it only fitting that they be the subjects of this comparison article.

Google Android
Windows Mobile


Google Android is a mobile operating system that was first developed by Android Inc. and was later acquired by Google. The Android operating system is actually based on a slightly different version of the Linux kernel, and it was developed by Google in conjunction with other Open Handset Alliance member organizations.

Windows Mobile for its part is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft. The system is intended for use in smart phones and a variety of mobile devices, although it has since been licensed for use in numerous other devices for different applications.


There are literally thousands of software developers and corresponding titles for the Windows Mobile platform, and you should be able to find pretty much anything for whatever task. Many of the 3rd party titles released are marked improvements over the included Windows Mobile software, so there is plenty of opportunity for added features and functionality. That being said, the platform is a bit let down by the absence of an on-device software outlet like the Android Market.

The Google Android on the other hand is a relatively new device, but it has already garnered a very respectable set of applications. In addition to shopping software such as ShopSavvy, the platform also supports plenty of useful applications such as a GPS receiver, and mobile clients for social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Many of the applications for the Google Android are free, so the quality may not be there yet, but the prospect is good for when commercial apps are eventually sold via the Android Market.


Windows Mobile has been on the receiving end of several user complaints with regard to their stability. While there still remain a few issues with some devices, newer versions of Windows Mobile have proved quite stable with numerous non-touchscreen devices. If you do want to use Windows Mobile with a touchscreen device, you may run into stability problems here and there.

The Google Android seems to be a lot more stable in comparison, and it is pretty hard to push it into locking up or stalling. Even when applications are loaded and removed over and over again, Google Android seems to perform like a champ, with nary a hard–or even soft–reset necessary. This is made all the more impressive by the fact that Google Android is the newer platform of the two.

Similarities and Differences

Google Android

  • A mobile operating system t first developed by Android Inc. and later acquired by Google
  • Has a very respectable set of applications

Windows Mobile

  • A mobile operating system developed by Microsoft
  • Literally thousands of software developers and corresponding titles


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