Halo vs. Call of Duty: Shooting Games Compared

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Difference between Halo and Call of Duty

In the world of first person shooting games, Halo and Call of Duty are in a class by themselves. While they are vastly different in many ways, the two games do parallel one another in many ways also. First person shooting games first became popular on computers, and have now spread to various gaming consoles, hand held games and the like. Ironically, the online features of Halo and Call of Duty represent the newest and greatest that video games have to offer. Now you can go online and play against people from all over the world rather than having to play against the computer or your brother for the five millionth time.

Call of Duty

Genre and Storyline

First person shooters are among the most popular games in the video game world, yet very few seem to do them right. Halo and Call of Duty both are considered to be the best of the first person shooters. The big differences between them are the storylines and the settings. Call of Duty is generally more realistic in that it portrays real wars between men. They date back to World War II and have now begun to explore the wars of modern times. Halo is science fiction based and has a much more creative bend to it. The story is about half human and half machine fighting machines that are trying to save humanity.


As one might expect, Halo and Call of Duty are worlds apart as far as gameplay. The primary reason for this is the weaponry and settings are so vastly different. The Halo series can have virtually unlimited weapons that can be created. Call of Duty is limited somewhat to the weapons of a given time and war. This in no way makes Call of Duty inferior, as the weapons are more than sufficient for big explosions and so on. The realism is captivating as you work your way through various situations of war. Halo is great for mindless destruction and creative excitement. They both are fantastic first person shooters that are absolutely addictive.

Age and Depth of Game

Halo is older having been around since 2001. Call of Duty debuted in 2003. Call of Duty has been around for less time, but they have many more editions and spin offs. Halo has quite a few, but the core trilogy is the meat of the series for most gamers. Call of Duty goes deep into the history and details of warfare, and Halo goes deep into the imagination. Both leave the gamer feeling completely satisfied.

While both games are very different in the way of genre, setting and general game play, they are both considered to be legends in the first person shooter genre. Both offer excitement that is rarely duplicated in games today, and they both are at or near the top in entertainment value for your dollar.


  • Offers Online Play
  • First Person Shooter
  • Been Around Since 2001
  • Uses Creative Weaponry in a Science Fiction Setting
  • Has a Deep History With a Core Trilogy to the Series

Call of Duty

  • Offers Online Play
  • First Person Shooter
  • Been Around Since 2003
  • Uses Realistic Weaponry in a Real War Setting
  • Has a Deep History With Several Stand Alone Spin Off Games


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