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Difference between VGA and HDMI

There are various cables that are used in computers and televisions to transmit sound and video quality to one another. Two of those cables and video standards are the VGA cables and HDMI. Many people use them to hook their computer up to the television so that they can show their laptop on the television. It’s good if you want to put a movie onto the TV or if you’d like to show a power point presentation or slide for a business meeting. It’s also good if you are trying to show a video or slide to a group of friends or family.


Video Standards

VGA cables and HDMI have two different types of video standard. The VGA which goes back quite a few years is an analog standard. The analog standard was and is used with things like S-Video, radio frequency, D-Terminal and even component video as well as a few others things. HDMI on the other hand connects digitally with audio and video sources for things such as Blu-Ray disc players, DVD players, HD DVD and even things like computers, video game consoles and camcorders. VGA also connects to computers and from but is missing audio.


VGA cable cords were first introduced in 1987 with the first computers by IBM. Although these cables display just graphics they are very large in the market and still used everyday, despite the new HDMIs. VGAs are used a lot on laptops because their made with a whole for the VGA plug. The HDMIs were introduced in the year 2003 and is a compact interface of video and audio. Although introduced in 2003 they were designed and created in the year 2002; 15 years after the VGA was first introduced to the public.


VGA cables have a very simple signal which is the video signal. It doesn't offer any other signals including audio. HDMI on the other hand offers both the video signal and the audio signal. This difference is a big deal because it determines if you will need other cables, connectors or even an adapter. If you want to watch a movie on the television from your laptop and only had a VGA cable, you would also need an adapter with audio cables. HDMI cables however will take care of both audio and video so you only need that set of cords.

Similarities and Differences

  • If you want to have a connection without having to have a bunch of cords then a HDMI is the way to go.
  • HDMIs are great for DVD players, blue rays and even game consoles where VGA is good for computers and that’s about it.
  • HDMIs came out later in life during 2003 and are used everyday. However VGAs are still also used and preferred by some people here in 2010.
  • VGAS only transmit video and HDMIS are used for video an audio.
  • HDMI is digital video standard and VGAs are analog standards.

Which is better?
  • VGA
  • HDMI

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I thought VGA and HDMI are the same. Now I know they're not.

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