Male Dogs vs. Female Dogs: Whose the Alpha in Your House?

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Difference between Male Dogs and Female Dogs

For people planning to purchase a new dog for a pet, the choice has to be made between male dogs and female dogs. A number of factors will come into consideration when making this choice, but you do have to think about whether such factors are a valid or if they are merely the result of long established misconceptions. If you are as yet undecided as to whether to go with male dogs or female dogs, this comparison article should clear some things up for you.

Male Dogs
Female Dogs

Territorial Habits

Male dogs are well known for marking their territories by leaving urine on key spots. What most people don’t realize however is that female dogs engage in the same behavior as well. The difference is that male dogs will typically stop marking their territories shortly after they are neutered and their testosterone levels have decreased, while female dogs will continue to mark their territories throughout the rest of their lives, even after they have been spayed.


Most people believe that female dogs are somehow gentler than male dogs, and that they are easier to handle from the trainer’s point of view. The fact of the matter however is that both male dogs and female dogs are pretty similar on these scores, and neither canine gender is particularly gentler–or more vicious for that matter–than another. Unfortunately, landlords in many cities all over the world are still more accepting of potential tenants with female dogs–and more likely to turn away owners of male dogs–based on the common misconception that female dogs are gentler. What most people don’t realize is that aggressive behavior in dogs is not a matter of gender and it is often a combination of factors that determine the temperament of dogs. These factors include temperament, upbringing, and training, as well as the dogs’ personal experiences, and gender does not come into play at all.

Sterilization Issues

One other significant difference between male dogs and female dogs is the sterilization issue. Male dogs are generally easier to castrate, and the procedure is a lot less expensive than the sterilization procedure for female dogs. While female dogs will have to be placed under general anesthesia and subjected to a comparatively lengthy and complicated procedure in order for the uterus to be removed, male dogs will only have to be put under for about half an hour. In addition, male dogs generally recover a lot faster from the procedure than female dogs will.


Male Dogs

  • Habitually mark their territories
  • Cease marking habits after neutering
  • Can be castrated easily and inexpensively
  • Recovers from neutering faster than female dogs

Female Dogs

  • Mark their territories just like males do
  • May continue territorial marking even after being spayed
  • Mistakenly thought to be gentler and easier to train
  • Tolerated by more landlords in most cities
  • Requires a more expensive and complicated neutering procedure

Which one gets along better with older dogs?
  • Male Dogs
  • Female Dogs

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