Art Direction vs. Cinematography vs. Film Editing: Who Does What?

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Difference between Art Direction, Cinematography and Film Editing

Movies are the cheapest form of entertainment for most of us. When movies are released, we line up at theaters to watch our favorite stars portray our favorite characters or play a role in a movie that is very popular by hearsay. But all of these are not possible without the combined efforts of the celebrities, the production staff and the director. As a result of their hard work, there are movies that become blockbusters, there are some that become legends and there are some that just pass by. For the exceptional movies like the spectacular Avatar, an organization called the Oscars pays tribute to the hardworking men and women behind the camera. As a result, they have included categories like best in art direction, cinematography and film editing.


The award for the best art direction is an award which recognizes the success of a certain film with regard to the art direction of the same. The art director is the recipients of these awards which showcase their talent to amaze people in the visual effects of a movie. The award for cinematography is given to movies which have captured every scene as close to reality and makes the viewers feel that they are part of the certain movie. The cinematographer is the recipient of this type of award. Finally, the award for film editing is awarded to a movie which was edited in a way that enchants the viewers and dazzles them with every scene. The film editors are the ones who receive this kind of award.


In 2010, the recipients of the award for best art direction are Robert Stromberg and Kim Sinclair, while the nominees were John Myhre, Gordon Sim, Sarah Greenwood, Katie Spencer, Patrice Vermette and Maggie Gray. On the other hand, the present winner for best in cinematography is Mauro Fiore while the nominees were Bruno Delbonnel, Barry Ackroyd, Robert Richardson and Christian Berger. Finally, the winner for the best film editing at present is Summit Entertainment, and some of the nominees are 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., TriStar Pictures and Sony Pictures.


Considering the 2010 Oscars selections for the best art direction, Avatar wins among the list of nominees. Nominees included The Imaginaruim of Doctor Parnassus, Nine, Sherlock Holmes and Young Victoria. On the other hand, for best cinematography, the winner is Avatar and the nominees were Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, The Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds, and The White Ribbon. Finally, for best film editing, the winner is The Hurt Locker and the nominees are Avatar, The Blind Side, District Nine, and An Education, together with other movies.


  • The art direction is awarded to the director who has the most creative mind which he displays on the silver screen.
  • The award for best cinematography is given to the cinematographer who captures every scene in a very lively and artistic way that no one ever does.
  • The award for best in film editing is branded as the crown jewel of a movie.

Which movie professional works the longest hours?
  • Art Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Film Editing

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