Quebec vs. Montreal: Canadian Jewels

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Difference between Quebec and Montreal

Canada is a country gifted with a number of unique and interesting cities, the most notable of which are Quebec and Montreal. Anyone who is looking to relocate to either of these fascinating cities is sure to have an enjoyable and rewarding time, although one may be just the perfect fit for you. Which one is it? This comparison article may clue you in!


Quebec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. It is located in the country's Capitale-Nationale region, and it is the second most heavily populated city in the province Quebec (Montreal is the first). As of 2006, the population of the city was estimated to be more than 490,000. Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada, in addition, to being the largest city in Quebec. The city was named after the hill that is located right in the middle of the city, Mont-Royal. Montreal is the second most heavily populated city in Canada, with a 2009population numbering 1,906,811, more than 50% of whom speak French. The city’s official language is in fact French, and after Paris, it is actually the second largest predominantly French-speaking city in the world.


Quebec is one of the oldest European cities in North America, and even during its earliest years, it was intended as a permanent settlement as opposed to a commercial outpost as any cities in the country were then considered. Quebec, is in fact, widely held to be the first European city North America with the exception of the Spanish speaking regions. Quebec has also served as a capital all throughout its four hundred years of existence. Archaeological findings have shown that various peoples have occupied Montreal long before the arrival of the first European settlers to the region. A fur trading post was established in the area in 1611, in what was then known as La Place Royale. 1832 saw the incorporation of Montreal as a city, and by 1860, it was the largest city in British North America, as well as being the foremost city in terms of economy and culture.

Claim To Fame

Quebec is known the world over for its Summer Festival and Winter Carnival, as well as the Château Frontenac, which is a striking hotel that is a focal point of the Quebec skyline. The city is also known for the National Assembly of Quebec, the National Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Civilization. Montreal for its part is considered one of the most livable cities in the world, and is widely regarded as the “Cultural Capital" of Canada. While the city was considered to be the commercial capital of the country, it has since been eclipsed by Toronto in terms of population and economic power. Nevertheless, the city remains one of the most important in the fields of commerce, finance, technology, and culture.



  • The capital of Quebec province
  • Has a population of more than 490,000 in 2006
  • Known for the Summer Festival, Winter Carnival, and the Château Frontenac
  • Also known for the National Assembly of Quebec, the National Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Civilization


  • The second-largest city in Canada
  • The largest city in Quebec
  • Named after Mont-Royal
  • Second most heavily populated city in Canada
  • One of the most important cities in the fields of commerce, finance, technology, and culture

Which Canadian city attracts more visitors?
  • Quebec
  • Montreal

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