Maui vs. Big Island: Island Hopping

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Difference between Maui and Big Island

Let's face it: Hawaii is such a beautifully gifted place that you could hardly go wrong whichever island you opt to go to. Nevertheless, there are a few destinations that attract favor above all others and two of the most prominent ones are Maui and what is known as the Big Island. Both certainly offer their own unique charms, so which one should you go for? Let's take a look!

Big Island

Initial Impressions

Right off the bat, Maui strikes you as having a more “touristy” feel that is more akin to a large urban metropolis than anything you would have expected from Hawaii. This may or may not be to your liking depending on what you are after, but suffice it to say that there are a lot more options for more urbane pursuits in Maui than in the Big Island. Of course being in Hawaii, both places offer excellent natural attractions with the beaches and all their attendant activities being particularly worthy of mention.


Both places have plenty of accommodation options on offer, so let's start with the Big Island. Here you could take your pick of any of several world-class resorts as well as numerous smaller and more inexpensive options that range from quaint bed and breakfasts to tastefully appointed condo and standalone vacation homes.As for Maui, the accommodations are just as abundant although there is definitely less focus on providing the full-blown resort experience that you would find on the Big Island. Nevertheless, there are certainly enough luxury resorts around to keep the pampered traveler happy. Among the resorts worth checking out are Kapalua, Wailea, and Hana.


Traveling to the Big Island is actually quite easy what with the many flights in and out of the area. Among the airports that service the Big Island are Kona International and Hilo International. You may also come by way of Honolulu International and then hop on a charter plane to the Big Island.Maui is also quite easy to get to, with numerous flights coming in and out of Kahului Airport. In addition, there are various smaller airports that service visitors as well. Getting around is also a lot easier in Maui since there are many tour buses, shuttles and taxis to be had.



  • Is serviced by the Kahului Airport and a number of other smaller airports
  • Rental cars are easily available from the airports
  • Visitors can get around via tour buses and shuttles, trolleys, taxis or any of the many buses that ply the city streets
  • Has a decidedly more “touristy” bent
  • Plenty of resorts, hotels, and restaurants

Big Island

  • Serviced by the Kona International Airport, in and out of which are daily flights
  • Has a more rural atmosphere
  • Comparatively fewer nightlife and entertainment spots
  • Offers a number of major resort options
  • Numerous smaller accommodations all over the island

Which Hawaiian island is more beautiful?
  • Maui
  • Big Island

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