Eurail vs. Rail Europe: Getting Around Europe

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Difference between Eurail and Rail Europe

When traveling to your European vacation destination, the train is a popular and an affordable option to consider. Companies offer important discounts for group traveling, passes bought in advance or travel within European borders in order to promote tourism. You can buy tickets and passes online to avoid sitting in line. In this way you can explore your options better and choose the pass which suits your needs. If traveling by train, you have the opportunity to see more of the countries you are traveling across on your way to your final destination. You can also enjoy fun times with your family while waiting for your connecting train.

Rail Europe

Target Demographic

Eurail is a Netherlander service provider which addresses rail traveling needs for non-European residents. Rail Europe is the UK representative of French railroad system SNCF. It offers InterRail passes, Eurostar, TGV and other high-speed train tickets to UK residents (for more than 6 months).


Eurail sells rail passes for 25 countries in Europe. It offers global passes to travel in 21 countries, select passes to choose from 3 to 5 countries for you travel, regional passes comprising of 2 up to 4 neighboring countries or one country passes. All these passes come in 3 cost range options: youth for travelers under 26 years old, adult for individuals older than 26 years and saver for groups of at least 2 persons. Youth passes can be used to travel 2nd class, while adult and saver have 1st class available. Choose the one which matches your travel locations, travel timeline and comfort requirements. Rail Europe sells tickets, InterRail passes and Swiss Passes. InterRail passes address adults and youth alike and bring you discounts for other locomotion means as well like ferries and buses. InterRail passes can be multi-country or one country. The global pass for multiple countries comes in flexi and continuous packages. The first one lets you travel for a fixed number of days, while the second allows travel for 15 to 22 consecutive days.


Eurail passes cover various cost levels. One country passes are the least expensive especially for youth and saver packages, while global passes are a bit more expensive but offer extensive time travel up to 3 months in 21 countries. Rail Europe offers InterRail passes at affordable prices; lowest fares are those for youth and children. For high-speed trains you will need to pay a reservation fee which can vary according to train type and running schedule.


  • Eurail passes are targeted to non-European residents, while Rail Europe offers tickets and passes for UK residents.
  • Eurail offers 4 types of passes to suit specific travel needs; Rail Europe sells high-speed train tickets, InterRail passes andSwiss passes.
  • Eurail passes are least expensive for youth and saver types; Rail Europe features also low fares for youth and children. Passengers must pay an additional reservation fee for high-speed trains.

Which train service covers more countries?
  • Eurail
  • Rail Europe

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