iPhone 3gs vs. iPhone 4

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Difference between iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4

The iPhone is a very popular Apple product which revolutionized touch screen mobile devices and is a very handy and portable phone with some extraordinary features that make this phone one of a kind. This sleek phone with no keypad is surely a marvel of touch screen technology. Touch an image with a finger and thumb joined, and take them apart to zoom it. You could only imagine before it was implemented in the iPhone. Apple has been launching new operating systems for its iPhone each with new features, applications and more user-friendly interfaces. Let us checkout some major differences between iPhone 3.0 and 4.0 that might help you to choose one according to you needs...        

iPhone 3gs
iPhone 4


The most exciting feature launched in iPhone 3.0 was the ability to cut copy or paste text. Double tapping on text would give you a bubble dialog with above mentioned options. Double tap again to paste something on the clipboard. If you've pasted something by mistake, don’t get annoyed just shake your iPhone to get rid of it. You can attach it with your computer as a modem to access Internet. Other features include: shake to put on the shuffle mode in music player, automatic Wi-Fi log in, landscape keyboard, extended parental controls and many more. iPhone4.0 came up with much awaited multitasking in which some applications could run in background. You can group your applications in apps folders, just drag one icon over the other and phone makes a new folder automatically with a suitable name. Zoom up to 5 xs available and supports blue tooth keyboards.     


IPhone 3.0 came up with some improvement in the stock application that keeps you up to date with latest shakes in the stock market. It also included a voice memo application to record sounds. It introduced a dedicated application for data transfer among iPhones. You can also remotely control peripherals using iPhone. iPhone 4.0 has an advanced mail application. Introduced iBooks, which is an eBook reader application. It is powered with a game centre. You can do faster app switching using your new iPhone OS 4.0.


iPhone 4.0 finally fulfilled the need of multitasking. Just double click on the home button to see which applications are running and you can switch to one of them. This feature though limited to GPS apps, voice streaming or VOIP, is very useful as some important tasks may be accomplished simultaneously in background. Other applications are suspended if not closed in background. These suspended applications are said to be frozen and can be resumed from the same state you left them into.


iPhone 3.0

  • New feature of cut copy paste and shake to undo paste.
  • Can use as a modem.
  • Shake to shuffle.
  • Automatic Wi-Fi log in.
  • Stock, voice memo, data transfer applications.

iPhone 4.0

  • Supportsblue tooth keyboards.
  • 5 x zoom ability.
  • Advanced mail application, ibooks, game centre.
  • Supports multitasking, faster switching, and you can freeze some applications.

Which iPhone is better?
  • iPhone 3gs
  • iPhone 4

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