Australian vs. German Solar Energy: Better green model?

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Difference between Australian Solar Energy and German Solar Energy

The concept of solar energy is not new and, in fact, in western countries the implementation of solar energy has already begun. Solar energy used at many levels of society even to power private households. Solar power is having a great impact and is environmentally friendly and the degree of pollution emitted is almost zero. Australia and Germany are two such countries that use solar energy at a massive rate but the production and the maintenance procedure is not same. In this article let’s get a comparative picture of the solar energy facilities used in these two countries.

Australian Solar Energy
German Solar Energy

Solar Energy in General

Germany is one of the top most photovoltaic (PV) installers of the world. In a study it was found that Germans captured almost half of the world’s solar market in 2007. During that time Germans invested about 1,300 megawatts of new PV capacity, up from 850 megawatts in 2006, for a cumulative total exceeding 3,830 megawatts. Australians receive a sizable volume of the suns rays. They have planned to establish a 154 megawatts solar power station in Victoria that is expected to be the one of the largest most efficient power station in the world. The estimated budget for this plant is about $420 million.

Environmental Conditions

Around 0.1% to 0.2% of electricity used by Australia is contributed by solar plants despite the fact that the hot climate that would make it perfect for utilization. Since April of 2009, after the launch of the Renewable Energies Laws (EEG), an awful increase in solar energy has been experienced by Germany. Several companies and organizations which are environmentally familiarized are taking the benefit of complimentary and progressive climate along with good research and networking prospects in Germany. But Australians are still unable to commercialize renewable energy as well as the Germans because of the high cost for per KW production of solar energy. The cost increases because the solar panels necessary for the production of electricity are very expensive and Germany has made renewable energy production a much higher priority than the Australians have.


The Australian government has taken many incentives to increase their production. Feed-in tariffs and mandatory renewable energy targets are specially designed to assist the process of renewable energy production. In Germany, the economic incentives have assisted to commence with the solar revolution. Last year, Renewable Energy Act (EEG) was brought up by the Social-Democratic also known as Green German government to advance the renewable energy plan. Currently, the government is also encouraging biomass producers. This is how the two countries are trying with their heart and soul to increase their production of solar energy.


  • The solar plants in Australia can meet a negligible portion of total electricity produced.
  • Germany a leading country in solar energy production by global standards.
  • Germany has a more favorable climate than that of Australia.
  • Both countries have immense potential that can be helpful to produce renewable energy.

Which model works better?
  • Australian Solar Energy
  • German Solar Energy

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