Africa vs. South Africa

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Difference between Africa and South Africa

South Africa is a country located on the continent of Africa, but in many ways is nothing like the rest of the continent. The Republic of South Africa is located at the southern tip of Africa. Although South Africa in its origin used to resemble the rest of the Africa continent, because of its rich resources and high demand by other nations, it no longer resembles the other African nations around it. Years of colonization has changed the face of South Africa and shaped it to be unlike the rest of Africa.

South Africa

Present Day South Africa

South Africa, although located on the tip of Africa is not like the other African countries. In the 17th century, after the discovery of the Cape Sea Route which led to the Dutch East India utilizing it as a refreshment station, the face of South Africa was altered forever. Cape Town became a British colony in 1806, expanding as a major European settlement during the 1820s which changed the demographics of South Africa tremendously. The majority of Africa is predominantly composed of African descendants; South Africa has a predominantly prevailing Caucasian upper class.

European Influences

Because of the vast amount of desirable resources located in South Africa it became a target for Briton and the Dutch and in tern became the conflict between the two as well. South Africa is known for their abundant amount of diamonds and gold which set off the fighting for the resources between the British and the Dutch named the Anglo-Boer War. Where Africa is mostly made up of African tribal settlers, South Africa is made from European influence, and affluence. Africa as a whole tends to be impoverished, while South Africa has all the modern day conveniences and wealth.

Racial Barriers

Although both Africa and South Africa’s majorities consist of African descendants, South Africa has been plagued by racial inequalities and clashes. Most of Africa being uniformity African, they don’t experience the racial disturbances that continue to persist and divide South Africa.  Up until recent decades in order to keep the races separate, there were actual legislative rules to this effect. Before the success apartheid which was achieved only through many decades and hard struggles, South Africa was a place of great divide while Africa as a whole is very uniform. When looking at the face of the African continent, South Africa does not resemble the rest of the nations, not in demographics or culture.

Reconciling African and European Ideals

South Africa although having the geographic location within Africa, does not resemble the rest of the continent. South Africa is marked by a higher percentage of Caucasian affluence and its culture resembles that more of Europe than its African neighbors. The majority of South Africa is of African decent, but up until recently, the smaller majority of affluence ruled the nation making arbitrary law to segregate the population.  Only recently has there been an attempt to break the racial barriers that have plagued South Africa for decades. Apartheid finally has been able to level the playing field and allow the African descendants a place within the European influenced nation.


  • South Africa is located on the Southern most tip of the African continent
  • South Africa has a large European influence
  • Up until recently South Africa led a segregated existence
  • South Africa has an abundance of rich treasures

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