Ford vs. Chevrolet: Classic American rivalry?

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Difference between Ford and Chevrolet

Few rivalries have had the fierceness, the intensity, and sheer tenacity of the one maintained between the two giants of the automotive world: Ford Motor Company and Chevrolet. Throughout the years, the two companies have been leapfrogging each other in terns of innovation and features, and whether any one company has the edge over the other is down to market variances that may well change any minute. This comparison looks into the two flagships of the respective companies: the Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado.


The Entrants

The Ford Motor Company is ably represented by the respected F-150, which has undoubtedly left a huge imprint on the automotive industry. The newest models in the line are the 2WD FX2 and the Harley Davidson SuperCrew. Over on the other corner, Chevrolet is rolling out the Silverado, which is followed closely by the GMC Sierra.


The F-150 is basically a reworking of the Ford Motor Company design, although the power has been upped to more closely mirror the specs of the Chevrolet. For starters, the F-150 has enough pull to carry a 10,500 lb. load. Some of the new model F-150s also carry a price tag that is $1,400 less than previous models. The GM pickups by Chevrolet on the other hand, are all new designs that are only partly based on the GMT 900. This model shares the same architecture as the company's Tahoe and Yukon lines, and features a frame that offers a lot more torsion strength and yet is more flexible than that used in previous designs. The Chevrolet also features Stabilitrak on all its crew cab models, and is offered as an option on all other models. The interiors of the vehicle have also been improved considerably, and some models even have a huge 6.1-liter storage bin built in.


The Ford Motor Company F-150 performs remarkably well on dirt and gravel roads as well as on fairly steep hills. The pickup also handled braking admirably, and its four-wheel drive engagement was superb. And with a towing capacity of 10,500 lbs, it was clear that the initial impression of the F-150 as a powerful beast was well justified. The Chevrolet is no slouch either, handling a variety of city streets and highway driving scenarios with ease. The Chevrolet is also quite at home on rocky terrain and it has a lot of power to spare behind the smooth façade of the elegant steering feel and transmission quality.


Ford Motor Company

  • Launched the new model F-150 to tackle the new Chevy Silverado head-on
  • Better suited to dirt and gravel roads and to hill climbs
  • Superior braking and four-wheel drive engagement
  • Provides a pulling capacity of 10,500 lbs
  • Carries over from older F-150 designs


  • Introduced the Silverado in 2007 along with the GMC Sierra
  • Better suited to urban and highway driving as well as rock climbing
  • Better steering feel and transmission quality
  • Seems more powerful
  • Based on the GMT 900 architecture
  • Improved interiors
  • Huge 6.1-liter storage bin
  • 10,500 lbs pulling capacity


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