Abs vs. Six Pack: Which is better?

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Difference between Abs and Six Pack

Getting abs is a time honored work of health and exercise that people have been doing for years and years. However only in the last few years has it become such a big deal that people are willing to actually give up eating to obtain a grand physical appearance. Now, although abs and a six pack might sound like they’re one and the same they’re actually very different. They differ in numbers, the amount of work it takes to get them, time, and even appearance. It might sound impossible to get abs, but nothing is ever impossible.

Six Pack

How Many Abs

The amount of abs is one of the key differences between abs and a six pack. When you are trying to achieve a six pack, then you are obviously trying to achieve a set of six abs. When you are trying to just get some abs, you can be going for two abs or even four abs. The amount will vary on what you want and how hard you’re working to get it. Some people don’t like the look for a six pack, so they shoot for only a two or four pack.


One of the next biggest differences between getting some abs and getting a six pack is how hard it is to achieve. As you can probably imagine, it is quite difficult to get a six pack. It takes a lot of hard work, exercise and eating right to get and keep a six pack. You will have to work a lot, work very hard and work constantly. Just achieving abs on the other hand, is hard but not as hard. You can get a small set of abs by doing simple exercises and watching what you eat without having to work out long hours or do as many reps in your exercise. You also may only have to do one or two different exercise instead of the huge amount that you’d need to achieve a six pack.


The last key difference is the way that abs and a six pack will look on you. For many people a six pack looks like the sexiest thing; nicely cut and ripped. For other people a six pack looks a bit too manly so females don’t tend to look right with a six pack. Well for those folks, there’s always getting a two or four pack. In any case, if you have or have had abs, you know how good it feels too! Nothing feels sexy like a tight core and your choice in clothing is stellar.


  • Both abs and a six pack feel sexy for the person who has it.
  • A six pack and abs are basically the same group of muscles in the belly button region of your torso.
  • A six pack obviously consists of six abs being shown, while abs can revealed in groups of 2, 4 or 6.
  • A six pack takes longer to achieve and it’s harder to maintain than just abs.
  • Both require different exercises and diets to keep be noticed.

Abs and Six Pack Video

Which one is more attractive?
  • Abs
  • Six Pack

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  • Navaghar kiran wrote on February 2015

wow... I have six packs .. I look good with it...nice

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