Dell vs. HP

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Difference between Dell and HP

When the subject of PCs comes up, two of the names that are sure to enter into discussion are Dell and HP. Two of the most reputable PC name brands in the market, Dell and HP seem almost neck and neck when it comes to performance, price and features, but they do have some differences that may cause you to prefer one over the other. This comparison goes over a few of the most important ones. 



Both brands generally come in at the same price range, although HPs are likely to command a slightly higher price tag. The main reason for this is that Dell actually custom builds each PC as it is ordered. This allows the company to make a better profit on each computer sold, since they don’t have to stock nearly as many units as HP has to do in their own inventory. One of the downsides is that Dells generally take longer to deliver, with seven to ten days being the average before you get your PC. HPs on the other hand are likely to be available as soon as you order them. 


Here is another interesting point. Dell doesn't actually standardize the parts used in every single computer–even those belonging to the same line or series. This means that there may be a greater discrepancy between the qualities of the parts in the computer you purchase. While this does not necessarily mean that a Dell will breakdown more frequently, it does make it harder to trace malfunctions to parts with known issues. HP for its part does use the same parts from the same manufacturers for each and every unit that rolls down the line, ensuring a greater degree of standardization and all the benefits that go with it.

Customer Service 

Things are split up pretty evenly in this category, with both companies having their strengths and weaknesses. Dell takes top honors for their warranty policies, while HP takes the lead in the after-sales support and on-site service. Getting your machine repaired or replaced at Dell is a refreshingly simple and straightforward process, which is more than can be said about HP’s support and its perennially tied up phone lines. To its credit however, HP does offer excellent technical support if you can manage to get through to them, and there are numerous add-on services you can get for a reasonable fee.



  • Enjoys a favorable reputation in the industry, particularly for its laptops
  • Generally cheaper than HP equivalents 
  • Most PCs are custom built
  • Can take from 7 to 10 days to build systems
  • Parts aren't standard even within the same line or series


  • Fairly well respected for quality and durability
  • Most units are pre-built
  • Costs a little bit more than similarly spec’d Dells
  • Offers the advantage of more units available
  • Order today and you can take delivery tomorrow
  • Parts are standard within product lines


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  • Buy Your Laptop Parts . 3+ yrs. ago

I'll choose HP. HP products have good quality and duarbility.

  • Delldude . 3+ yrs. ago

i have a hp computer and it glitches ALL THE TIME. My desktop however is an old dell computer around 10 years old. Its not expected to have the fastest speed but i've never had any problems with it like i have with my Hp computer. For that reason i believe dell computers are way better.

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