Delhi vs. New Delhi: Which is which?

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Difference between Delhi and New Delhi

New Delhi is the world famous capital of India. It has made a name for itself in the international arena on the basis of its cuisines and a keen focus on technology.


Delhi is the name of the metropolis which includes New Delhi and the rest of National Capital Territory (NCT) including Central Delhi, North Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi, North East Delhi, South West Delhi, North West Delhi and West Delhi. The design of New Delhi was drawn by Edwin Lutvens, who was a reputed British architect of the 20th century, in 1936 ahead of the visit of King George to Delhi.

Area and Size

The NCT of Delhi covers a total area of 573 square miles out which 302 square miles belong to rural Delhi and the rest to urban Delhi.

All the important political offices of government like the parliament are situated in New Delhi. Delhi is the second largest metropolitan city in India in terms of land. The first position is occupied by Mumbai. But in terms of population, it is the largest metropolitan area in India.


Delhi has a rich cultural background and houses significant monuments like Humayun’s tomb, India Gate and Birla Mandir (Vishnu temple). On the other hand, New Delhi is the centre of call centre growth and multinational industries.


Delhi is densely populated whereas New Delhi is sparsely populated. Noida and Gurgaon don’t have such high population as compared to Delhi.


  • Transport-Delhi is served by Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) regularly. Although Delhi-Gurgaon buses are quite common, a bus serving the interiors of Gurgaon does not exist.
  • Metro-The NCR also does not have any individual metro service. Metro continuously operates till Noida and other regions in Delhi, but no metro service has yet been started for other areas of NCR. Today, Delhi has five lines of metro running on 98 stations.
  • Culture-Delhi does not have such an urbanized culture like the NCR. The NCR is more modernized with a wider roads and heavy distribution of malls and restaurants. Delhi does not have such a large concentration of malls.
  • Land prices-The rates of land are also quite low in Delhi as compared to the NCR region. Its because the latter offers better civic amenities to people.
  • Accommodation-New Delhi also does not have any hotels for the purpose of residence of foreigners except Radisson in Gurgaon. On the other hand, Delhi has branches of famous hotels like the Taj, Maurya Sheraton and Le Meridian.

Once you land in Delhi from abroad, reasonably priced residential facilities are only present in Delhi.


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