Astronomy vs. Astrology vs. Horoscope: What's the difference?

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Difference between Astronomy, Astrology and Horoscope

Science and divination are two completely different things when it comes to beliefs and studies. There was a time where all our ancestors based their studies on the stars and some people even made predictions based on the stars positions in the constellations. In the beginning, astrology and astronomy were regarded as the same science. The horoscope, being a branch of astrology, comes together with these two sciences. It is in the present times when the two branches of studies are reported as different from each other due to certain beliefs and procedures. In essence, what are the commonalities and differences that lie between these two is a question that can be answered by a thorough comparison.


Astronomy is a scientific learning of celestial bodies like planets, comets, stars, galaxies and the like and other phenomena observed outside the atmosphere of mother Earth. It also tackles the study of celestial bodies’ evolutions, chemistry, physics, meteorology, origination and movement. Finally, it also scopes the development and the formation of various aspects of our universe.

Astrology is a collection of organizations, customs and principles which claims that a specific positions of stars and other celestial bodies plus all the details thereof can give information about human activities, inclinations, group consciousness, weaknesses and other matters concerning terrestrial bodies.

A horoscope on the other hand is an astrological diagram which represents the locations of each planet, the sun, the moon and some asteroids and their astrological aspects and responsive angles at the geographical location and instance of a happening like the time of a human being’s birth, wedding, stock purchase, new job, etc.


One who studies the celestial bodies is called an astronomer. He is responsible for studying the stars and other celestial bodies in a field of specialty. An astrologer is a professional which practices the science of astrology. In the modern times, these astrologers describe astrology as a form of divine intervention. Compared to astrology’s previous meaning, even if they are not the same, there is a common belief that the positions of the celestial bodies have an effect on the happening here on Earth. Finally, as a branch of astrology, the horoscope is studied and practiced by the astrologer as well and is communicated to the person procuring such information.


Astronomers use scientific methods to research whether or not the universe has a center, and that is constantly changing and growing bigger. Astronomers specialize in telling us what it is they are observing, if possible. They cannot tell us about God, much of the physics involved with the space or answer many of the more profound questions humanity has regarding life and existence outside our atmosphere.

Astrologers are generally the first to see trends in humanity in relation to effects of the heavens upon us. Astrologers are not psychics and have a tradition dating back to the beginning of human civilization for presenting their findings for auspicious dates and times as well as warning of possible difficult periods or tendencies. Those who seek horoscope information are looking for guidance and insight into trends and such. Many non-psychic people find a comfort or amusement in their daily or lifetime forecasts.


  • Astrology and horoscope are of the same scientific study which states that the movements of the celestial bodies have effects on the possible future of an individual or of events on the Earth.
  • Astronomy is the study of stars and other celestial bodies in its entirety. It includes the structure, chemistry and the life span of everything found in the galaxy. Astronomy is better at telling us the “what” not the “why”.
  • Astrology answers questions humans often ask about the best way to proceed in life to achieve the best results without being completely blind to forecasted trends.

Which science do you understand best?
  • Astronomy
  • Astrology
  • Horoscope

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  • Julie wrote on May 2010

People look at the clouds and see animals, how is it possible. People minds tend to try and find patterns. The role of science it to differentiate the imaginary from the real. Take someone and read to them the wrong horoscope -- say for another week. Believer in astrology will find it accurate just as well.

  • Guest
  • jyotishsamrat wrote on May 2014

vashikaran astrologer is an astrological website where you get to know and learn Indian astrology. Hindu astrology also known as jyotish in Hindi is the study of the planetary moves and its effect on our lives predicting past, recent and future happenings.

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