Infosys vs. Wipro vs. TCS: Which is better?

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Difference between Infosys, Wipro and TCS

Three companies considered to be the backbone of the Information Technology sector in India include Infosys, Wipro and the TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). Those who are searching for IT jobs, India’s technology industry and the stock market have their eyes fixed on these three companies. There is a great deal of competition between them in terms of manpower, revenue, profitable deals and the profits gained.



Infosys has recently shown a fall in net profit of about 3.6 % which is equivalent to Rs.1, 582 Crore. Rs. 5,742 crore is the revenue generated from the products and services offered by Infosys which is far less than what it earned previously. This represented as a decrease in profits. TCS is showing good results in terms of profit margin. TCS has been able to turn profits from their suite of products and services. Wipro, also, has also been able to prove itself by demonstrating an increase in profits.


The company most active in hiring new sets of people is Infosys. They have been able to break a record by hiring around 6,000 employees in a year. TCS is no way far behind in hiring new candidates, as it recently hired around 3,000 employees in a year. In 2010, they expect to hire even more, even as many as 8,500 new employees. Wipro looks forward to hiring employees from various campuses and universities; they are more focused on hiring on new graduates.


Infosys has seen marked success in achieving around 32 clients in just one quarter; there are various clients from the financial and the banking sectors as well. TCS has been able to acquire a similar number of clients and Wipro is also following the same trend and has gained success. These companies have been able to acquire large number of clients due to their available products and services.


These three companies have achieved a lot of success and with their constant development and plans for the future.

  • These companies have achieved success in terms of profit margin with the exception of Infosys.
  • These companies are making sure to hire more and more potential professionals where as Wipro is focusing chiefly on candidates fresh out of universities.These companies have achieved success in acquiring clients.
  • Though these companies are the mainstay of the Indian IT sector, there is much more to be done to build up the Technology sector of the country. All of these firms are still in their development stage and expect to be in even better shape in the near future.

Infosys Commercial

Wipro Commercial

TCS Commercial

Which company pays more salary?
  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • TCS

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Based on my experience, Infosys is the most professional organization and they pay really good too.

i just got hiered into wipro ,,they are paying gud as well as incentives on gud prfrmnce in training period,,,

hey i wanted 2 know that after training do they ask for options where to work?

during the recruitment i have filled options delhi, kolkata...

what if i wanted to change those options ?is that possible

training at infosys mysore campus is a heaven -like exp

  • Guest
  • Damodar wrote on November 2011

I did not get placed in any of those companies. If u could help me getting into any of those companies i would be very thankful to you.

my qualification- MBA(marketing&IT);B-TECH(CSE).

1st class throughout my career.

I got placed in Wipro .. i've completed my M.Sc(CS) there any higher position is waiting for me in wipro.. if anyone knows the details pls help me..

Folks, try for some product companies. Service providers have the worse work culture, and pathetic pay. Plz remember that they rent people to product makers and give u 10-15% of the money they make from the product developers. In other words, do u wish to work for brokers or for end users. Choice is urs.

  • Guest
  • peterparker wrote on June 2013

These companies are still in existence. Their employees can hardly write a complex Sql,on top of that, all andhra guys, with fake experience and broken english. Man, it sucks.

  • Guest
  • sad sack wrote on December 2013

Wipro sucks to work for. They under pay their employees ans constantly demand more from them. There have been no pay increases in years. The benefits are reduced yearly. Americans are used as pawns until Wipro disposes of them and brings another Wipro employee from India to replace them.

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