Human Brain vs. Computer Memory

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Difference between Human Brain and Computer Memory

The evolution of computers has made countless things possible for humans to do. Our trusty computer is capable of doing a number of things in the least amount of time making it a very convenient household appliance. Nowadays, a computer is a necessity as it can speed up the way you do your work, shopping, research and so much more. In the beginning, humans put a lot of effort into conditioning computers and networks to work the way we thought was optimal. It turns out that computers are so highly organized that we are now being conditioned by them!

Human Brain
Computer Memory

What Makes Us Tick

The human brain is one our body’s vital organs and must function to keep us going. It is where our knowledge and our personality are stored. The networks set up in our brains make us capable of learning, remembering and discovering new things. The capacity of that which our brain is able to store is limited to how we are programmed to learn, how well organized we are, how balanced our chemicals are and how much we want to learn. There is no known limit in regards to how far we can push it even though the scientists are constantly working to find limits, but it is important that we not overextend ourselves as health issues or personality disorders could arise.

A computer memory acts like the human brain. It is where information is stored and retrieved from. A computer’s memory is eerily similar to the human brain. In fact, the programmers who developed memory structures and chips are the ones best suited to accurately explaining the inner workings of their progeny, as it were

How Are They Unique?

When a problem needs to be solved by a computer, it will only try to solve it with the logic that was programmed to it by the programmer. If the logic can solve the problem, then you will be able to get the result in a matter of seconds. But if the problem requires other means aside from the logic programmed into its memory, then you will get no results, thus an error message will be displayed.

When a problem needs to be solved by a human, we use the information stored in our memory to help us solve it. If ever the problem requires knowledge that we are not familiar with, we still have the options to look for the answer on the Internet, ask others for help and study possible solutions to the problem.

You see, although a computer is able to solve problems at lightning speeds, it is still only limited to solve a particular kind of problem that matches the logic programmed into it. A human brain is capable of solving any problem, if one puts his head into the task.

Computer Proxy

There are certain areas where we cannot match a computer's memory but it is better to work hand in hand with computers instead of them doing the whole workload. Basically, a computer is limited to do only the instructions it is told and will not go beyond that. Remember, it was the human brain that created the computer, hence the human brain is still far superior.


  • Computers make our jobs easier to do.
  • Computers have become a necessity to have in today's world.
  • A computer memory is much more sensitive compared to the human brain.
  • The human brain is designed to listen to the human heart – making us unpredictable to a computer.
  • It is us humans that created the computer thus making our brain far more superior to that of a computer.

Which network is more reliable?
  • Human Brain
  • Computer Memory

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