Beauty vs. Brains: Which is best?

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Difference between Beauty and Brains

Beauty or brains? A question often answered, a result seen all the time. It usually depends from person to person on what type of a partner they prefer but in this discussion or one could say for argument’s sake that both have co-existed in every society for centuries and no definite conclusion has ever been made conclusively to cause people stop asking this question. Even though a comparison of two opposites is most likely to end as a tie, one cannot help but take the risk of seeing what is so important about these two it that raises a question like this today.


Physical Beauty over Intellect

There are many people to whom we can put under the banner of "materialistic". It's not only all about the possession anymore; it matters a lot on who you have as a partner. The trend also dictates the value of looks to the extent that intellect and inner beauty is of lesser value in comparison to the way a person looks. It is sad if one considers that people have lost the value of a person over physical features. However, the importance of the looks factor is common is still in the minority, which is a relief to the more heart centered populations.

Drawing the Line

It all depends on an individual’s preference as to what they want and who they want to identify themselves as being. This shows where a person draws the line. Praising a person for their looks is one thing and is God gifted whereas having the brains and knowledge is self appraised and something that one makes an effort to achieve. Ask yourself: Could you be with someone who is not as attractive as the next person but has charisma and knowledge like no beauty queen ever has? Could you go against the advertised value of physical appeal and take the time to come to peace with yourself and peace with want you want in your life?

What Defines Them

Believing in one’s beauty is basically the attitude of the ego within a person that defines a their opinion of themselves. When a person believes the hype on the TV and in magazines and chooses to promote their physical assets beyond what a person who shuns peer pressure would do, that person places more value on beauty than on brains. They may have the factors to be likable but would one ever go for someone who comes across as a dud? No one asks for excessive intelligence but having certain degree of knowledge about the normal things in life is considered a plus point. Intelligence goes deeper than attractiveness or beauty ever do but again, the point remains the same that this point changes from every other person. Some people may opt for beauty while other may go for the brains that a person possesses.


Even though one can not say which one of these either factors wins the comparison, it depends on every individual decide what is more important for them to have in their partner. The aspects a person is most like to look for in someone usually include:

  • Either having an extremely beautiful person by your side at all time to show of your sacred 'possession'.
  • Or having someone who knows what they are talking about when in a group of people and it is their intelligence that shines.


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