AMD vs. INTEL Chips: Which is better?

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Difference between AMD and INTEL Chips

Whether you're about to buy a personal computer or if you're going to assemble one, you will always start with the core or the heart of your computer which is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Now choosing one is easier said than done. You have the two power houses AMD and Intel, both capable of performing at high levels and both constantly trying to outdo each other. Intel has been in the business longer than AMD, but that hasn't stopped them from being a formidable competition. With these two chips in front of you, which will you take?


Best Value for the Money

Okay, let's say you're assembling your own customized system that will fulfill your basic computing needs. Not really a high end computer but more on a mainstream computer desktop. With that said, your goal would be to get the cheapest processor while getting the most value for your money. The choice is oblivious to any tech geek, well to most anyway, who shares similar views. I'll have to go with AMD chips. Oh yeah, I bet all the pro Intel people are now cursing in their heads. But let me shed some light real quick on this before I lose you. Basically the chips themselves are actually quite cheap, no real competition as things fair out between the two, but the value of AMD is proven when you bring in the motherboard topic. You have to admit, it's hands down AMD as they cost less and give more value for your money. Example? AMD Athlon64 x2 4850e paired up with the AMD 780G motherboard. Seeing how it works?

Best Gaming Performance

Here we go with a true test to the chips capabilities. Enter, the two powerhouses in the gaming world. With gamers, they expect no lag with whichever resolution they play their games with. This is tested with super high end games like Crysis Core. When AMD first entered the business, they too were the clear choice for gaming but those days have now ended. One's gaming performance focuses more on the amount of RAM and the video card installed on your system. If you really want that extra edge I would suggest Intel quad core chips compared to AMD's phenom. Gaming used to be AMD's world due to the chips architecture, but that’s history now. To put it simple, AMD's clocked core speeds are a notch slower than Intel's quad cores.

Building the Ultimate Desktop PC

Okay, let's say you’re a person who plays a lot of high end games or needs more processing power for CAD, 3D rendering, etc. These are programs that demand more from your processor. Now the above chips were good, but Intel has a new chip that implements a new and better architectural system. The core i7! Its architecture is so different that a whole new motherboard is needed! Benchmarks have been performed and show that the core i7 performs 35% faster than the traditional quad core systems!


  • During the early years when Intel and AMD chips were competing with one another AMD had the edge due to the architecture of their chips
  • The intense competition these two chips have been through has lead Intel to becoming the top chip choice, especially with the new core i7 processors.
  • With AMD, you get the most value out of your money. If you're looking to build a simple mainstream desktop computer you will find AMD's chips to be cheaper compared to Intel and at the same time work better as well.
  • Today, if you were to build a super computer, Intel's core i7 processors are benchmarked to work better than others.

AMD and INTEL Chips Video

Which processor is faster?
  • AMD
  • INTEL Chips

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The AMD versus Intel battle is a hot topic in the computing industry that has been fiercely discussed for many years. However, there has never been a clear winner, and it looks like it is just going to run and run. has a series of articles discussing various aspects of this fascinating debate.

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