Hertz vs. Enterprise

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Difference between Hertz and Enterprise

If you are looking to rent a car anywhere in the country, Hertz and Enterprise are probably the two top contenders in your list of options. After all, few car rental companies can beat out these two in terms of sheer name-recall value alone. And as far as service, selection and cost-effectiveness are concerned, these two have achieved the most favorable reviews. However, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages between the two that may affect your decision to go with either one, and here we detail some of the most important ones.



One of the best things about dealing with Hertz is that the service is remarkably fast. In most cases, the exact model that you want is available within only a few minutes and they often come with nice amenities like a multi-disk CD changer. It is small touches like these that make Hertz better suited for families and long drives.

Enterprise on the other hand can take a quite a bit of time between placing your order and actually having the car made available to you. Granted this is sometimes because the Enterprise takes the time to make sure that the car gets to you in spic-and-span condition, but there are instances wherein getting your car as soon as possible is more important than putting up with a few smudges here and there.

In addition, many of the Enterprise outlets that we visited seem to be perpetually understaffed, further adding to the delay.


One car that we rented from Hertz lacked the basic utilities such as windshield wiper fluid. While this can be, and was in fact an annoying omission, we were placated somewhat by the $25 markdown off the usual price. In our case, the car cost about $160 for a rental of period of eight days.

Enterprise offers similarly affordable rates, with a typical rental car costing about $187 for an entire week. Making the deal even better was the unlimited mileage offer, which covers any destination.


Here is where Hertz drops the ball a bit. Many of the cars that we rented, while not being exactly filthy, wasn't exactly "fresh" smelling either, if you know what we mean. Nevertheless, it wasn't anything too offensive, and we generally just left it alone.

Enterprise for its part obviously makes sure that each and every car that rolls of the lot is in immaculate condition, and we certainly appreciated the extra effort that the staff put into it. In fact, renting a car from Enterprise is almost like renting a brand new car for a fraction of the price.



  • Speedy service
  • Some amenities included in the cars
  • Good price
  • Sometimes lacking basic utilities
  • Cleanliness could use a bit of improvement
  • Good selection of cars


  • Cars are in pristine condition
  • Service can take a long time in some branches
  • Decent selection of new and older model cars
  • Very affordable price 

Hertz Commercial

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Enterprise Commercial

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  • Kate . 3+ yrs. ago

I've had great experiences with both Avis and Budget and the car doesn't smell because they don't allow smoking in it.

  • ruth . 3+ yrs. ago

the hertz car i rented to go to las vegas and the grand canyon smelled like smoke but it went away after a while. i was a bit upset that the windows and locks were not automatic.

  • Ben . 3+ yrs. ago

Enterpise is the best car rental in the business. They are reliable and easy to communicate with. I love being able to find amazing Enterprise discounts online too!

  • rebecca . 3+ yrs. ago

My last rental was with Hertz, the extra amenities were, bald tyres pointed out my the AA recovery service after calling them out with a problem with the car, a chard of metal on the gear stick which i cut my hand on, the car was dirty, and a complete lack of service as i had to drive the car to a city i did not know to have it exchanged for another. This was a year ago. However, after many emails they gave me a full refund which had been promised abd a 50 pounds voucher which is was not valid when i tried to book again.

  • Joe . 3+ yrs. ago

Wait, you're an Alcoholic ??

Well, I'm a pepper.

I think it is triple "A" darling, if not, don't even bother with that brew that is for non-alcoholics k.

  • Casey . 3+ yrs. ago

The third "A" stands for America. If you are outside of America (UK judging by the original post's use of "pounds" as a monetary unit) they drop the third "A".

  • yolanda atkins . 3+ yrs. ago

I love renting from hertz because I always get great discounts

the cars are always new with low mileage ..they are speedy and have great customer service

hertz is my number one choice when renting!

  • Maxwell . 3+ yrs. ago

I frequently rent vehicles for business and most certainly prefer Enterprise over Hertz. Enterprise employees are always very courteous and professional and I find they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure my rental goes very smooth. Their focus on customer service is clear and evident as soon as you walk through their doors, which is very refreshing in a world where exceptional customer service seems to be a thing of the past. Keep up the good work Enterprise, you truly have made me a "Customer for Life!"

  • Joe . 3+ yrs. ago

Hertz requires a credit card to join their awards program even though they do not charge for doing so. I don't like entering a driver's license online that I can present at the time of rental let alone a credit card to go with it. What happens when they lose control of my data? I wish this article compared awards programs between the two.

  • Anon User . 3+ yrs. ago

The article states:

"Enterprise offers similarly affordable rates, with a typical rental car costing about $187 for an entire week. Making the deal even better was the unlimited mileage offer, which covers any destination."

This is NOT accurate.

In fact, Enterprise offers geographically limited mileage - you can only drive to adjoining states without incurring a per-mile fee. If you really need unlimited mileage without the fine-print, go with Hertz.

  • KP . 3+ yrs. ago

I have worked for both Hertz and Enterprise, and after both experiences I would say that your experience depends largely on the location. It's the actual people that make up the branch that give you the experience, and neither company has a lock on decent employees.

After saying that, Hertz's corporate training is more customer service oriented than Enterprise's, whereas working for Enterprise there was more of a "sell at (almost) all costs" mentality.

Enterprise does a much better job with car cleanliness because their locations are built/modified to their specifications allowing them to hand-detail each car, whereas Hertz relies on crappy gas station car washes and hand vacuums.

If you REALLY need a car during a busy time - don't even bother with Enterprise - I didn't notice it until I worked for Hertz but they are always the first to run out of cars. Hertz can pull them from anywhere if you need a car and the location is out - most of the time.

Again, I've seen prime examples of expert service at both companies, and shady salesmen as well. Both have their strengths which is why they are the top dogs.

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