Couples Counseling vs. Marriage Counseling

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Difference between Couples Counseling and Marriage Counseling

Every man and woman is different. When one finds someone to be in a relationship with things will not always run smoothly because of personal differences. Good relationships are reliant upon mutual trust, understanding and respect for one another. Unfortunately, love does not come with a guide book. That is where couples counselors and marriage counselors come in. These two people are so called experts when it comes to love and relationships. But how exactly are they different? Who is the best person to consult when you find that your relationship has come to crossroads? Let’s find out.

Couples Counseling
Marriage Counseling


Couples counseling is a broad term for the practice of helping couples enrich and save their relationships. This means that the client spectrum is broad – there are engaged couples, married couples, dating couples and people who have been steady for a while. There are even divorced couples who undergo this type of counseling. There are both homosexual couples and heterosexual couples who go for this type of counseling or therapy.

Marriage Counseling is a more particular form of couples counseling. It, as its title implies, deals specifically with people who are married. Although it may seem like the only logical time to seek marriage counseling is when the relationship is falling out of place, marriage counseling really is more than that. For many it is an enriching experience. It is often nice to have someone guide a marriage, especially when a couple is young and inexperienced.


The purpose of couples counseling is to strengthen the essentials of any relationship – trust and respect for one another. Specifically, couples counseling is undergone by people who have encountered challenges due to personality clashes. Also, this type of counseling is undergone by people who wish to get married but want to deal with their personality issues first. For couples who have been together for a long time, and may have lost the spark, this type of counseling can work wonders.

A marriage counseling program is intended to keep a marriage alive. There are many reasons why a marriage can falter – infidelity, money issues, infertility or simply irresponsibility when it comes to the family. A marriage counseling program is centered on a husband and wife but also respects the grounds that they move in – so topics on finances, in-laws, and children, even real estate may be touched upon.


There are many couples counseling and marriage programs out in the market, and usually the best way to choose the greatest one is by word of mouth. Couple and marriage counseling occur in similar fashion. They begin with a meeting between the couple and the therapist. The first few meets are dedicated to the counselor basically listening to and getting to know the couple. In the proceeding meetings, when the counselor has determined the root problem, he or she will begin activities geared towards the couple’s reuniting. For instance, if the issue is trust, he or she will devise a program to built mutual trust.


  • Couple and marriage counseling both help couples improve their relationships.
  • Couples counseling has a general scope, and marriage counseling targets marital issues.Both counseling involve regular meetings and needs-based specific activities.
  • Both counseling involve regular meetings and needs-based specific activities.

Which one offers better advice?
  • Couples Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling

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