Best Boss vs. Worst Boss

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Difference between Best Boss and Worst Boss

Going to work everyday is very important for us to earn a living. There can be a lot of jobs that pay well and have well integrated systems which makes your everyday tasks fairly easy. You can also be on friendly terms with fellow workers who make you feel better about yourself and your role at work. All of these are part of being employed and of course the most important ingredient that makes up your quality of life at work is your boss. There are typically two types of bosses – the best and the worst. Of course, none of us would want the latter but we should look into the details more to find out how we can avoid working with these kinds of people.

Best Boss
Worst Boss

Leadership Skills

When it comes to leadership skills, the best boss around will do things to encourage his staff. He(She) will not let anything come in between him and his team and make sure they will be able to reach their goals. When a problem arises, he remains calm and makes sure that the problem is solved in a  professional way – discussing the cause of the problem and coming up with a solution to solve it and making sure it never happens again. On the other hand, having a worst boss will be more stressful. He isn't really concerned about his staff and he doesn't let on that he has a care in the world as to how his team feels as long as he gets what he wants from them. When there are problems, he probably won’t spend much time discussing finer points of the situation with team members, usually will show the team how angry he can be and may or may not let on how the situation will be dealt with at a higher level. 


For a lot of people, respect is one of the most important things we can receive from anybody. The best boss is the one who respects all his staff and tries to understand each and everyone’s situation, strengths and weaknesses and creates a working environment which enables them to help each other. You may hear his team casually comment on how lucky they are to have a good boss – finally! When it comes to the worst boss, he generally doesn't care about anything but work and results. He may not consider an explanation if you offered one and doesn't care about your time as long as you finish what he has assigned you to do.

Work Attitude

The best boss accepts suggestions from his staff and is also open to accepting defeat. Because not all days are good, when the bad days come, he just tries to stay on top of things to reassure his staff that everything is going to be okay. The worst boss on the other hand does not easily accept defeat and would do anything just to get what he wants, even if this means doing something stupid. Sound familiar? If you find yourself with a worst boss, chances are you keep to yourself and try to make it through the day with the support of a couple of co-workers to vent with. Just remember, bosses come and go.


  • The best boss is goal-oriented, a team player and a dynamic listener. No wonder so many people respect him. 
  • The worst boss is disrespectful so he doesn't get any respect back from his staff. And because he is self-centered, he wouldn't care about you feel.
  • The best boss is willing to listen and encourage his staff to push them to do better.

Which term best describes your boss?
  • Best Boss
  • Worst Boss

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  • Guest
  • Lynda wrote on April 2010

Good comparison. I had worst boss in my previous company. He used to harass me everyday for no reason. I could not take any more of his sh*t. Created log of every action , reported to ethics group. Not sure he was asked to leave or he was guilty, he left the company within couple of weeks.

  • Guest
  • Good boss wrote on January 2011

Excellent comparison about 'Good boss vs Bad boss'. So, based on the above comparison, I can consider myself as the good boss.

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