Humans vs. Aliens

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Difference between Humans and Aliens

Have you ever gazed upon the stars and wondered, are we really alone in the universe? We all know for a fact that we live in a galaxy called the Milky Way, a galaxy that is so huge that we have not been able to actually send a human or a machine to the very end of our galaxy - let alone very far into it. If our galaxy is so immense, how much larger is the entire universe? Our galaxy is but a spec in the universe we live in. Do you subscribe to Stephen Hawking's argument that we should be afraid of alien invaders? Thus we arrive to a commonly asked question with no definite answer. Are we alone in the universe or are there aliens out there? And even more perplexing, could we be the latest generation of a non-Earthbound humanoid race of beings?


Are We Alone

When you throw the question 'do aliens exist?' to some people, they will say there are no such things as aliens and that we are the only living being on the universe. Now, I know there is no solid proof to support the existence of aliens, but then again there also isn't any to prove otherwise. To a lot of people, it makes more sense that we are the only living beings in of the universe largely because that is what we have been told to believe by schooling and by public ridicule of the alternative. But think about it, is that what you really want to be true? Ours is a huge universe, exponentially larger than our own galaxy and is it really probable that we are the only bipedal beings living in it. Doesn't that seem lonely to you? Doesn't that seem like a waste of universe if we are the only ones in it? After pondering those questions, ask yourself, do you really want to be alone in the universe? Wouldn't it be a nice surprise to find out that our older relatives were aware of our existence?

Intelligent Beings

Okay, let me just point out that the aliens I'm talking about here are aliens that are not from earth, not the aliens in your country with no passport. With that out of the way, let's discuss a bit on the existence of humans and aliens. First of all, we know for a fact that we are humans and we exist only on planet Earth. Now for aliens or off world beings – meaning beings who do not live on Earth but are far more evolved than bacteria on an asteroid -  their existence is a bit trickier for us mere mortals to prove. Let's just humor ourselves a bit. First of all, do we know anything about how they look and what they are capable of? Based on popular belief and on science fiction movies, aliens are depicted to have an oval shaped head with large black eyes and a lean body. But what if there are more than just that one race of aliens, what if there are many, many races of them? Scientists say we are an evolved form of monkey, so what if there are a myriad of alien races that evolved from all sorts of animals we are familiar with here on Earth? Let your own imagination take a fresh look at the legends depicted in our own ancient history. Were those jackal headed beings recorded in Egyptian hieroglyphs real in any way? What about flying ships etched into stone walls and tablets all over the world? It is said by all indigenous groups that space beings came to Earth ‘in the beginning’ to pass on guidelines for how to live on this planet. I know it's all farfetched but if you work your imagination a bit, you can't help but wonder about the what if's.

Popular Topic

Okay, so here is the juicy part. We didn't just start talking about aliens for the fun of it. Ever heard of the infamous area 51 and the leak they had when they "captured an alien"? Now it is important I state that there is no proof of this, but rumors have been spread and the topic of aliens has been featured networks like the Discovery Channel. The Roswell incident, Area 51, the captured alien, Project Bluebook, the Phoenix lights all made the papers. Many UFO sightings are shown on TV around the world and especially in Mexico and South America. Is there a coverup? The National Press Club will be hosting an Alien Disclosure conference next month with several hundred military and scientist testimonies to backup hard proof that something is going on. With so many European countries opening their vaults of information about UFOs, maybe it’s time for the U.S. to do the same.

If the aliens are here and among us, maybe it’s time to open dialogue with them. After all, planet Earth is almost at the edge of our own galaxy and how many billions of years have civilizations most likely evolved on other planets in just our own galaxy? I for one, think inter-dimensional travel is possible and there probably more benevolent aliens out there than the more hyped version of grays we have been taught to fear.


Humans have existed for many thousands, perhaps millions of years.
The existence of aliens has yet to be proven or disproved. Maybe the proof has yet to be introduced to the public.

  • We live in the Milky Way galaxy, which is just one of the galaxies located in the whole of the Universe. It seems obvious to me that our human life form is extremely complicated and evolved and endowed with a magnificent soul.
  • There have been stories and sightings of these said aliens and their spaceships. Stories that have been said before that is still being published today. The consistency with which they share their story makes one think that there just might be aliens out there.
  • The National Press Club will be hosting an Alien Disclosure conference next month with several hundred military and scientist testimonies to backup hard proof that something is going on.


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