WebMD vs. Kosmix vs. Google Health

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Difference between WebMD, Kosmix and Google Health

Global warming, processed foods, chemical additives, farming techniques, air pollution, water pollution, age, sickness and poor food quality or quantity are having great impacts on many people’s health around the world. For instance, the extreme effects of global warming are not isolated to weather-related disaster, but in addition, conditions lead to extreme conditions causing death, injury to people and health problems such as depression, feelings of isolation, psychological stress, malnutrition, and rises in disease transmission due to breakdowns in garbage services and sewerage. During this time, the need for medical health assistance is so vast that most of the providers are unavailable or out-of-reach. Online medical resource databases such as WebMd, Kosmix (RightHealth), Google Health, and so on provide a source of urgent and effective medical assistance.

Google Health


Modern technology improves access to online medical resource databases we can  explore on the Web especially when we are looking for subjects relating to health care.  Take for example the WebMD, it provides in-depth information on health subjects and credible information from Health A-Z (list of all types of health problems with corresponding signs, symptoms, and treatment), drugs and supplements, healthy living, and even pet health.  Like WebMd, Kosmix is your medical guide for exploring and learning more about health problems with images, videos, discussions, social networks provided.  Unlike the two health sites mentioned above, Google Health only offers personalized online health records wherein you can store all information related to your health and gives you access anywhere, at any time.

Online Health Record

Online personal health record offers various benefits to patient, to health care provider, and the health care system. The benefits one could get with from this are: patients could verify the information in their medical record and the company can monitor health data and provide scheduling reminders for health maintenance services. The patients are provided with timely explanations of test results and help avoid duplicative testing and unnecessary services. Personal health information is a secured online system wherein the patient can manage who can access their personal health information. Of the three websites mentioned above, only Google Health and WebMd offer this kind of service. Kosmix (RightHealth) doesn't offer online personal health record, but you can always visit their site when you want to read about any topics related to health.

Better Information

Next to Email and Facebook, sites that contain medical or health information are now among the busiest online activities. You can broaden or limit your health search by using one or more online health sites. This is a great help for patient and their family to know more about an illness and seek support. It plays a significant role on the quality of life of the patient who seeks for medical advice before seeking medical help. The importance of online health care is evidenced by the popularity sites such WebMD and RightHealth (by Kosmix).


There is a significant rise in the number of people who use the Internet for health searches before seeking medical help. Many patients suffering from chronic diseases often get better advice from their fellow sufferer rather than from their care provider via consumer-direct care.

  • Features – WebMD and Kosmix provide a great environment where one can easily search for health problems.
  • Health Records – WebMd and Google Health allow personal health records storage which you can access anytime and anywhere.
  • Better Health Information – when it comes to better health information, one can get this through WebMd and Kosmix, but not with Google Health, because the latter online provides storage of your personal health records.


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