Civil Union vs. Gay Marriage

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Difference between Civil Union and Gay Marriage

Our world is filled with complicated ideas. In the past, societies were ruled by religious institutions and many rules were enforced as being God’s laws. One such enforced rule was that people could only be united and get married with the opposite sex. There was also a time when there was only man and woman. But now, there is a new term called the third sex, which is comprised of both gays and lesbians. Because of the worldwide acceptance of these sexes, a lot of human rights activists have won protection for these people as well as their rights. This was when the civil union and gay marriage (also known as same sex marriage was introduced). People should be aware that these two options for the third sex are not one and the same.

Civil Union
Gay Marriage


All countries around the world have their own sets of laws and regulations regarding marriages. But not all of them support civil unions and gay marriages. In fact, there are only a few states which make this union between the same sexes legal. Civil union is duly recognized in states like Oregon, Washington and New Jersey. Vermont was also one of the places where these civil unions were legalized. But it has to be noted that when you transfer to another state, they may not recognize this status. Gay marriage on the other hand is the union between two sexes and is more rightfully legal compared to civil union with regards to certain rights as a couple. Almost all states in the United States recognize gay marriages and uphold their rights.


Gay marriage has a number of benefits compared to civil unions. When it comes to tax relief, gay marriages can file their state and federal taxes jointly, but civil unions can only file jointly in the state where they have registered their union. When it comes to sorting out medical matters, gay marriages can make medical choices even during emergencies, while those in civil unions can only make those same medical decisions in the state in which they are legally registered. They are stripped off of this right outside of their registered state. When it comes to gifts, gay marriages can transfer these without having to pay any taxes. Provided that they report federal taxes, the same applies to civil unions.

Support and Immigration Rights

Once divorced, gay marriages couples are still bound with their partners and their children when if come to financial support. In civil unions, wherein there is dissolution of a partnership, there would be no grants of support and benefits outside the state of their registration. When it comes to immigration, gay marriages have the right to sponsor their legal spouses and their family members for immigration. In civil unions, they do not have the right to sponsor spouses and family members.


  • Gay marriages are more binding than that of civil unions.
  • Gay marriages are more recognized in states, and their union is still upheld even if they transfer from one state to another.
  • Civil unions are partnerships wherein their rights can only be exercised in the state where they are registered.


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