Google AdWords vs. Google AdSense

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Difference between Google AdWords and Google AdSense

The Internet has become a primary resource for every business. It is an essential tool for promoting their products and services because advertisement rates are cheaper and the number of people who visit or surf the Internet everyday is overwhelmingly large. Because of this, a lot of websites have opened to promote advertisement, one of them being the most successful website all over the world – Google. Google has two forms of advertising: Google AdWords and Google AdSense. They may seem similar to you, but they are entirely different in functions and a lot of things.

Google AdWords
Google AdSense

What is It?

Google AdWords is the lifeblood of Google and is the banner advertising product of the company. AdWords works by pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and also works for both banner and text ads through site-targeted advertising. This product is distributed by Google locally, nationally, and even internationally. The advertisements are always short (consists of one to two lines) and may contain images with standard sizes that are allowed by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

On a different note, Google AdSense is an advertisement application which is developed by Google. Owners of a website can get the program by enrolling their websites to run image, text and video advertisements in their domain. These advertisements that are run by Google have the potential to make revenue on a per-impression or a per-click basis.


Google AdWords works by allowing people who want to advertise their product on one of Google’s websites or on other websites to use up a specified amount of cash. Once an advertiser has enrolled into the program, Google sets the advertisement out the web and every time an Internet surfer clicks on that ad, Google charges the account holder of the advertisement until it has reached the maximum allowable clicks specified in the agreement. Google bills their clients on a pay-per-click basis.

Google AdSense works the other way around. This system allows websites to enroll in this ad publishing program of Google wherein successful applicants give a certain space in their website for the advertisements of Google and other companies to be posted. Once an Internet surfer clicks the advertisement, Google pays for it.

Mode of Payment

All transactions that are closed with Google AdWords are billed through the client’s credit card. Google AdSense subscribers are paid through online transfer of funds. But both Google AdWords and AdSense are paid and billed on a pay-per-click basis.


  • Google AdWords is an ad selling program of Google wherein clients are billed on a pay-per-click basis.
  • Google AdSense is an ad publishing program of Google wherein subscribers are paid on a per-click basis.
  • Google AdWords transactions are billed through the client’s credit card while Google AdSense transactions are paid through fund transfer.
  • Google AdWords works by allowing you to post an advertisement in Google’s site or other sites for a fee. Google AdSense works by you allowing Google to post their advertisements and other website advertisements in your web page.

Which is useful for SEO?
  • Google AdWords
  • Google AdSense

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