Apple iAds vs. Google AdSense

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Difference between Apple iAds and Google AdSense

Google AdSense has traditionally been the model upon which all online advertising has been based, but all that may change with the recent introduction of the iAds by Apple. iAds represent Apple’s entry into the lucrative online ad arena, and with this new model, Apple aims to blend the best elements of television advertising with the interactive opportunities afforded by web-based ads. Let's see how things are shaping up for both!

Apple iAds
Google AdSense


While there have been relatively few details made available with regard to the Apple iAds, all indications seem to point to its primary focus on the iPhone OS, at least at the outset. iAds are also expected to include features that have made the App Store so popular, with a 70/30 revenue split being touted as one of the major advantages. iAds are also expected to rely heavily on the ad delivery technology first introduced with the Quattro Wireless. These developments all point to Apple’s intention to go head-to-head against Google AdSense.

Google for its part relies heavily on its AdSense revenues and it has the advantage of a massive advertiser base, extensive data networks, and more experience in the field. To its credit however, Apple does have the head start in the mobile industry.

Role In Mobile Technology 

As mentioned previously, Apple iAds are closely tied in with developments in the iPhone OS, although plans are underway to support other platforms in the near future. What this means is that Apple just may have a considerable user base already in place for its mobile platform along with the increased access to mobile advertising technology that such a market provides.

Further causing Google to lag behind is the fact that it isn't able to utilize the AdMob model yet, although the Android platform is showing tremendous promise against the still-dominant iPhone market share.

Compatibility And Accessibility

One thing that Google AdSense has in its favor is its established network of web-based advertisers, and the attendant technology in place. There are few indications as to how active the iAd platform will be, but most indications point to its being less focused on web-based advertising.

One ace in Google’s hand is its open platform policy which opens up its products to more input from 3rd party developers. While it remains to be seen if such a policy will spell the difference between Google AdSense and Apple iAds, initial indications seem to suggest that Google has a good thing going.


Apple iAds

  • Designed specifically for the iPhone OS, although other platforms may be supported in the future
  • Will allow a 70/30 split with carriers
  • Based largely on Quattro Wireless’s ad technology
  • Signifies Apple’s direct competition with Google
  • Doesn't focus primarily on web advertising

Google AdSense

  • The business aspect that Google relies mainly on
  • Has an existing base of millions of advertisers
  • Backed by Google’s extensive experience in the field
  • Is the de facto standard for online advertising 

Which ads attract more clicks?
  • Apple iAds
  • Google AdSense

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