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Difference between Digg, Reddit and del.icio.us

With all the many different social networking sites to be found on the Internet, three names come up with some regularity as far as the most effective is concerned. These are Digg, Reddit, and del.icio.us. While there are many other social networking sites to be sure, these three consistently earn high marks for their ease of use, effectiveness and sheer results. And although you could make good use of any one of them, they do have a number of differences that may make one a better choice or the other, depending on your need and circumstances. Let's take a closer look!



Digg had a peak in traffic lasting a few days, with four days being the typical length during our tests. In most instances, the peak period began in the evening hitting a high the next day. While posts were moved from the top spot in a few hours and was gone from the first page in only 15 hours, users may still get plenty of hits from page 2 listings and from the Digg site, where posts last for up to 3 days.

Reddit for its part resulted in higher traffic than Digg. Posts also have a longer shelf life with up to 200 hits originating from Reddit even several days after being featured on the front page. Unfortunately, posts were gone from the front page in as little as 10 hours.

It is important to note that del.icio.us is responsible for a lot of traffic that ends up at Digg and Reddit, so its contributions should be considered in relation to the other two services.

Reader Habits

Diggers users read 1.22 pages every time they visit, and they stay for only 4 seconds or so. Digger has a bounce rate 86.47%. Reddit users on the other hand click on 1.10 pages, but stay a bit longer at up to 7 seconds. Reddit also has a higher bounce rate at 94.56%.

del.icio.us users for its part read 1.32 pages every visit, with an average stay of 5.5 seconds and a bounce rate of 86.30%.

Comments And Incoming Links

Digg users don’t seem to offer comments very often with the most being left on the Digg homepage. Digg seems to offer a fair amount of incoming links. Reddit on the other hand has a pretty good comments rate with most still on the main Reddit page, but some coming in on the appropriate blog as well. In addition the quality of the comments seem to be on a higher level with Reddit than with Digger.



  • Offers a peak traffic period of up to 4 days
  • Posts knocked off the first spot in a few hours
  • Disappears from the first page in about 15 hours
  • Users read about 1.22 pages per visit
  • Average user stay is 4 seconds
  • Bounce rate of 86.47%.


  • Offers slightly higher traffic than Digg
  • Posts last longer, with as many as 200 users even after a week on the front page
  • Posts are gone from the homepage after 10 hours
  • Users click on 1.10 pages per visit
  • Users stay as long as 7 seconds
  • High bounce rate of 94.56%


  • Is responsible for a significant amount of Digg and Reddit traffic
  • Users click on 1.32 pages per visit
  • Users stay on the site for as long as 5.5 seconds
  • High bounce rate of 86.30%

Which site is most popular?
  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • del.icio.us

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