BitTorrent vs. Utorrent

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Difference between BitTorrent and Utorrent

Both µtorrent and bit Torrent are the products of Bit Torrent, Inc. These are software used for uploading and downloading files using the Bit torrent protocol. This protocol was developed in the year 2001 by Bram Cohen who owns Bit Torrent, Inc. These use peer to peer connection and make it possible to download large files from different users simultaneously and combining bits and pieces together, hence using minimum resources. Before the advent of version 6.0, bit torrent was an open source but is no longer now. It is quite interesting to note that the coding of these programs is done in language C++. Let’s find out some differences between these clients.



The Bit Torrent protocol was implemented for the first time in the client bit Torrent. Some developers call it by the name “Mainline” owning to its official origins. It was open source before its 6.0 version was released after which it’s only available with Microsoft Windows. Unlike bit Torrent µtorrent was not originally the product of Bit Torrent, Inc but was purchased by latter in the year 2006. µtorrent was re-branded to release the version 6.0 of bit torrent which remained closed source as was original µTorrent. The writer of µtorrent, Ludwig Strigeus remained the technical consultant for Bit Torrent, Inc.


Bit torrent features a search box to assist user in searching the torrent files and downloading them. It supports multiple parallel download ability. It maintains the statistics and represents them graphically to make it user friendly. User at every point of time knows the number of peers it is connected to, and how much data is being downloaded from each. In case your system shuts down in an improper way, not to worry, bit torrent looks after the recovery. You can also create your own torrent files.In case of µtorrent the search bar can be customized as per the needs of the user. It uses one directory to save temporary files and configuration settings and hence increasing portability. Plug-in WebUI makes it possible to control µtorrent from some other computer. It resumes the transfers quickly if interrupted.

Operating Systems

There is separate version of µtorrent available for Mac OS commonly called µMAC. Hence we can say µtorrent works with Microsoft Windows as well as Mac OS. Bit torrent on the other hand, was open source initially but since the version 6.0 was re-branded version of µtorrent, it became closed source and is currently only available with Microsoft Windows.


Bit Torrent

  • Implemented bit torrent protocol for the first time.
  • Also called “Mainline” due to official origins.
  • Search box for searching and downloading torrent files.
  • Supports multiple parallel downloading.
  • User friendly graphical interface.
  • Inbuilt recovery system in case of improper shut down.
  • Closed source since v 6.0 and only available with Microsoft Windows.


  • Purchased by Bit Torrent Inc in 2006.
  • Search box can be customized.
  • Increased portability.
  • Plug-in WebUI to control from another system.
  • Resumes the transfers quickly if interrupted.
  • A separate version available for Mac OS commonly called µMAC.

How to speed up your BitTorrent and Utorrent Download

Which is better?
  • BitTorrent
  • Utorrent

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