Skype vs. Vonage

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Difference between Skype and Vonage

Skype and Vonage are software applications that permit customers to make voice calls over the Internet. Technology has advanced to the extent that such software products are introduced to help us lead an easy-going life with minimal difficulties. Such software minimizes our costs when it comes to overseas calling and comes with a plus point of having video conferences as well. Skype and Vonage have made their mark in this industry, taking a lead with the passage of time and it is because of their dependability and rates that they have reached the status of becoming the best.


When you are using Skype and calling another Skype number, the cost is free no matter where you are calling. A Skype Out however limits you to make 20 location calls at a global rate. Skype Out numbers are those who do not own a Skype number. Vonage, on the other hand, has the same rate for local and long distance for countries such as Puerto Rico, Canada and the US. With the help of unlimited plans, even a few European countries can be added to this same cost and one can take the advantage of making as many calls as you want within a given period.

The Package

When it comes to setting the prices, Skype has a rate or 1.7 Euro cents/ minute that are almost 2 US cents but they come with the advantage of not charging a fee for contract or line rents. Vonage on the other hand has a package of letting you have 500 minutes to the above stated countries for a price of almost $15. In addition, incoming is completely free and other facilities include Voicemail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, 911 Dialing etc. Skype provides most of these facilities as well so there is not much of a difference in the services they provide.

Your Choice

It depends on the package that suits you the best when it comes to choosing between these two VoIP providers to make calling easier for you. It depends on what you can afford and which package plan suits you best. Even though there are a variety of providers to choose from, Skype and Vonage have been leading this industry by miles and therefore provide some of the best options that one could pick from.


One cannot pin point at which VoIP provider is the best because they both cost you something and it completely depends on the location that you want to call the most. Both providers offer benefits when calling different countries and have only a few services that are different from the other but their popularity is roughly the same in the end. No one can call one of these services the best because:

  • It depends on what type of package you can afford when it comes to applying to your VoIP provider.
  • Even though Skype to Skype calls are free, it depends on which Skype you are trying to get to and whether or not Vonage has a better package for that country.


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  • Brent . 3+ yrs. ago

I really like skype and just about to do away with my home phone 99.00 a month.

Does skype work the same way like Vonage? Vontage offers everything for 24.99 a month?

What would be the total cost for Skype?

  • Rick . 3+ yrs. ago

I really don't understand Skype. Skype is a lot of hype. I like my Vonage.

  • Ramu . 3+ yrs. ago

Vonage is great. I can make free India calls with Vonage. Quality is also very good.

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