Google Adsense vs. Chitika

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Difference between Google Adsense and Chitika

The lucrative world of advertising entails hard work, creativity, passion and innovation. One has to be able to come up with new ideas to stay on top and be able to successfully sell a product, service or idea. Advertising, like so many other disciplines, is interrelated with other concepts in marketing, communication and technology, which makes it extremely dynamic and constantly evolving.

The Internet is a very effective vehicle for companies to advertise. Being the newest and latest form of media developed, the Internet provides a vibrant venue for advertisers to be able to come up with new tricks and strategies to get people to notice whatever they have to offer. Yet, the dynamism of the Internet also means more competition and bigger challenges for advertisers to reach out to consumers. Google Adsense and Chitika are two sources of aid for many advertisers who employ the Internet to sell.

Google Adsense


Created by the corporation Google, Adsense is an application that allows for advertisements to be showed based on the relation it has to the content or topic of a particular website. In March 2003, Google bought Applied Semantics, a text-processing technology to fuel Adsense and add to the advantages it provides.

Chitika was formed in the year 2003, by two engineers from a multinational telecommunications company called Terra—Venkat Kolluri and Alden Derosario—formed Chitika. The name is derived from a South Indian dialect in Telugu, and directly translates to “in a snap”.

How Ads Work

By signing up for Adsense, website distributors can put up video, photo or textual ads which can be measured through costs per click or per impression. Per click, as the term implies, means the number of times an ad is clicked, and per impression refers to the number of times a particular ad loads. Advertisers prefer Google Adsense because advertisements are usually always relevant to a certain site’s content; it also helps businessmen who do not have enough funds to create big ad campaigns to win their consumers over, and allows for wider customization. These are a few reasons why Adsense happens to be the most popular advertising network on the net these days.

Chitika works in a similar way as Adsense, however it has its own unique and distinctive features as well. Perhaps its biggest advantage is that the revenue to be earned in Chitika’s pay-per-click program is higher than that of Adsense. Chitika users can also be paid through Paypal.

What to Choose

For most publishers, Adsense is a more convenient and reliable advertising solution, although Chitika is special in its own way. The possibility of finding related ads is bigger with Adsense, meaning it does target the relevance of a site’s content to advertisements. Chitika also do not give users the capacity to fully customize their ads, whereas Adsense allows users to tweak the feel and look of their ads. At the end of the day, it would all depend on what an advertiser wants to accomplish, as both Adsense and Chitika are competitive.


  • Which ad solution to use would depend on the priorities of the adveritisng needs of an individual.
  • Both Chitika and Adsense employ pay-per-click for the users to earn.
  • Customization is lesser with Chitika than with Adsense.

Which is better for small to medium sites?
  • Google Adsense
  • Chitika

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