Delhi vs. Mumbai

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Difference between Delhi and Mumbai

As far as competition between the two most popular cities of India is concerned, one has to referring to the one between Delhi and Mumbai. Delhi is considered to be the New York of India and Mumbai as the Washington D.C. equivalent. Delhi is more involved with the political side of Indian life wherein people are more concerned with what's happening and where is it happening. Mumbai has been always involved with the money making process by holding a major tool like Sensex or the Bombay Stock Exchange, in its arms. Mumbai has always been about money and will likely remain so into the foreseeable future.



Delhi has been always famous for its well known night life especially among the younger set. There are many places that have become famous not only to the local people but also to tourists who want to enjoy the ultimate night life of Delhi. People go to discos that are open late into the night without much worry about security as most venues are very secure. Movies can be watched at late hours with a high degree of protection so that a comfort zone has been reinforced for people in Delhi who like nighttime entertainment.

Mumbai is in no way behind when it comes to night life. Mumbai has been able to produce high quality places of local and international brands that can be visited during the late hours and can be enjoyed to the utmost. The brands like the Cafe Mocha and the Athena are spots where night life can be enjoyed at its best.


The development of the new Delhi metro service is probably the most important change made recently, leading to a reduction in traffic on the roads. As far as one can see Delhi has been constantly been trying to improve its transportation conditions. Even the low floored bus is an initiative which the government has taken to make commuting easier for residents and visitors alike.

Mumbai has always been famous for its local trains. People traveling to their work place have found this to be the most convenient way to commute. Though the conditions of trains have become worse for wear from so much traffic, ridership is still increasing steadily.

Local People

Delhi is a place where anyone who has visited this place once or zillion times will always be treated as a guest. The people of Delhi love to make people from other states or countries comfortable and build a bond for a life time. It has true for ages that anybody who wants to enjoy the beauty of the nature and as well as the warmth of gracious people, the choice between these two cities has to be Delhi.

Mumbai is considered to be the land of the fast life. Everybody is trying to acquire something new or trendy. In general, people in this big city are more concerned with their own lives than with welcoming people who don't fit in with their lifestyles. Yet they are famous for celebrating in the best possible way with a lot of music and dancing and by inviting large groups of people to create grand occasions.


Delhi or Mumbai are both major hubs in India and every city has its own beauty and unique collection of people.

  • Delhi is comprised of a world of  major companies whereas Mumbai is more of a world of big business and the stock market.
  • Delhi has a friendly atmosphere whereas Mumbai is a bit tougher and fast paced.
  • Both the cities offer interesting night lives to residents and visitors.

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