Playstation Move vs. Wii : Gaming Comparison

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Difference between Playstation Move and Wii

Sony, to answer Nintendo's Wii, has launched and named its Play Station controller "Play Station Move". It is similar to the technology that Wii is using as a technique to play video games using motion rather than buttons. It transforms the real world movements into video game moves making games more interesting and interactive. 

Nintendo's Wii is a seventh generation gaming console with added features wireless controller and  a remote that detects movements in three dimensions. Another distinct attribute of Wii console is the Wii Connect24 which while in standby mode enables it to receive messages and updates over the Internet.

Controller Feature

Move has been well appreciated in terms of the control level, the accuracy and the recognition of the gesture. Talking about the Wii remote, it has better control on the extra controller i.e. off-hand. The Wii has sensing of basic motion whereas Play Station still lacks that. Though Play Station has been proved to be better in terms of graphics and blue-ray player but has been in major lacking the controls of the motion. It has also been facing loss in the casual fan base. Due to these lacking factors Sony tried to copy the creation of the motion controller of Wii. Though in terms of the controller, they both are facing tough competition with each other.

Physical appearance

Looking at them it's difficult to judge whether you are using the Play Station Move or Wii mote. Both devices seems very similar in their physical appearances.  Appearance that includes the shape, size and color has been appropriately designed according to the device's requirement. The Wii motes are available in varieties like the table tennis, Wii sword, etc.


In terms of the size, Wii mote is sleek and very easy to handle. It is also light in weight and goes well with the set box. The buttons on the Wii mote are quite easy to handle and are reliable as to stay for a longer time intact.

Play Station Move is also unique its appearance. It is large in size but goes well along with it set box. The buttons on the remote are quite impressive as they give an impression of hills formed on a flat land.  


Since both of them are suited according to their respective set box and aims to satisfy the user's need. The summary of these individual motion controllers can be analyzed as

  • Impressive unique motion controllers
  • Wii mote is small in size, Play Station 3 is bigger
  • Color and style is impressive for both the motion controller sets
  • As surveyed, the fast pace motion is well suited to Wii mote
  • Play Station Move has been proved to be based on  an impression of Wii mote
  • Choose the controller that you feel suits your style and the game. 
  • Motion controllers would not motion your life but would indeed motion your game to an all exciting game.

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  • Zac . 3+ yrs. ago

Sony fails. Natal is going to kick ****.

  • Zoe . 3+ yrs. ago

Could not agree more. xbox rocks...

  • Mike . 3+ yrs. ago

Nintendo is the winner in this arena. They sold more Wii's than Microsoft or Sony Gaming systems. They already released Wii Motion Plus and which is going very strong. The new demo of 3DS in E3 is very impressive. Unlike Sony, you don't need 3D glasses. This is called invention.

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