Marketing vs. Sales

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Difference between Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are often confused when they are mentioned in conversation today but the truth is, if you market well, you inevitably gain the maximum in sales. This explanation is further simplified in the following steps so that the confusion between these two variables is dealt with as plainly as possible. You need both these factors of marketing and sales to be understood if you want your business to be a stellar success.



Marketing is everything and anything that is linked to popularizing yourself and planning to make people aware of what you are selling or the services that you are giving. You portray yourself to please the masses in order to attract them and this is called marketing. Sales are the items sold or the number of times your services are called upon in order to make use of. Your sales depend on the knowledge and perfection of your product.

The Link

The link between sales and marketing is important because it depends on the type of marketing that you have that will tell of the sales that you get. This means that if the public knows about your product well, they will definitely be attracted to it. Poor marketing strategies may result in poor sales because if the people are unaware of what product you are selling or the services you are giving, they would not come to consume whatever you are offering. Imagine Pepsi just producing goods under this name without letting people know that it is actually a drink. It is because of marketing campaigns and strategies that the public is aware that Pepsi is a highly desirable drink and therefore, we consume and their sales increase.


There are different strategies you can employ resulting in increased sales because of excellent marketing moves. You can popularize your product through the means of media, both print and TV, and have advertisements on your products or company. This will let people know who you are and where you come from and if you have something that they need. In other words, they will be drawn to you. Whatever you sell this way makes certain that you will realize sales. These techniques can provoke your audience and examples would be Buy 1 get 1 free, "If you don't have it..." etc. These are marketing methods attract the public and this is how your sales are affected. The better your marketing strategy is planned, the more sales you should expect. Remember customers like freebies and perks.


Sales and marketing are not the same things but are linked. Following are the reasons that further tell you how and why they are linked:

  • It is how you market yourself that the public is aware of you and whatever services you are presenting and therefore, your sales increase or decrease.
  • If you market yourself properly and this means that you give sufficient information about your company and what it does then there are more chances of your sales increasing. If the marketing strategy is a failure, your sales are most likely to decrease as well.
Which group of people makes more money?
  • Marketing
  • Sales

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