NBA vs. College Basketball

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Difference between NBA and College Basketball

Sports have been part of human civilization for hundreds of years, and still today it's ever popular. Sports can be simply defined as athletic completion between two or more teams. Sports are an integral part of human nature as well, often time's sports can be playful, or quite competitive, human males often compete in sports. Naturally, women are attracted to men who are competitive and athletic; therefore, a man will naturally play competitively to impress women, and its how natural selection works. Also, human nature is such that people feel a real uplift in their spirits when joined together in support of their favorite team. Each country has its own sports competition, and one of the most popular sports in the United States and around the world is Basketball.

College Basketball

Competition Levels

In the United States, basketball is played on two professional levels. The first level is college basketball and the second level is (NBA) National Basketball Association. College basketball is played in college, and is wildly popular among students and alumni. On the other hand, NBA games are played on a national level and consist of the best basketball players in the United States with games watched with great popularity across the U.S.

College basketball players are quite fit to play basketball and may have the same stamina as national basketball players. However, their experience level is not as good as NBA basketball players. NBA players are far more experienced, better trained and overall better basketball players then college basketball players.

Quarter vs. Half

The NBA usually plays in four twelve minute's quarters, while college basketball plays in two twenty minute halfs. However, college basketball and NBA games also have an overtime period of five minutes.


The NBA the shot clock usually is set at twenty four seconds, while college basketball has a shot clock of thirty five seconds. The height of the basket in a basketball court is universal for both college and NBA standards and the foul line is also the same distance from the net. NBA players usually will get around 6 fouls before they are fouled out. On the other hand, in college basketball, players will get only 5.

Ball Possession

In the NBA disputes over the possession of the ball are usually resolved by a jump ball. However, in college basketball disputes are resolved by a possession arrow the scorer's table, that indicates which team should get the ball first.

Similarities and Differences

  • Sports has been part of human civilization for hundreds of years, and one of the most popular sports in the world is basketball, which is especially popular in the united states.
  • College basketball is usually played between rival college basketball teams. On the other hand, NBA basketball is played on a professional level, and only the best players in the United States are drafted to compete.
  • The NBA tends to plays in four twelve minutes quarters, on the other hand, college basketball plays in two twenty minute halves.
  • The shot clock in NBA is 24 seconds, while college basketball shot clock is set at 35 seconds
  • Disputes over ball possession are managed by a jumped ball in the NBA, while in college basketball this is managed by a possession arrow.
Which league has louder fans?
  • NBA
  • College Basketball

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