Yellow Pages vs. White Pages

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Difference between Yellow Pages and White Pages

Back in pre-Internet days, if you needed to find a telephone number of a restaurant or a local music shop for example, you would refer to the yellow pages, and if you wanted to find the number of a friend or a relative, you would refer to the white pages. However, nowadays everything is online and yellow pages and white pages paper bound books have become almost literally obsolete. One can easily look up a restaurant's number or find a friends telephone number simply by going online and referring to online white pages and yellow pages.

Yellow Pages
White Pages


Yellow pages are directory listings of businesses. You can simply go online and search for a business by name, and may get more than one name or similar names; this helps you distinguish your choices. You may also get more information on your query, such as maps, alternative phone numbers, and other branches of that particular restaurant if available. White pages are great for finding people's telephone number and address; however, you can also search for business these days, using white pages. For example if you needed to find your long lost friends, nowadays you can narrow down a search by date of birth, state/province in which your friend might be residing in, etc.

Worldwide Presence

Thanks to the Internet, yellow pages and white pages listing can now be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. For example, if you live in Barbados you can access the local yellow pages for Barbados via the Internet, and the same it true for the white pages. White pages and yellow pages can really make a huge difference in your life. Let's say you were to go on a vacation in India, but can't stomach Indian food, you can go online and access Indian yellow pages and look for an American restaurant. Or if you lived in the United States and needed to look up a friend in Canada, you can simply go to Canadian yellow pages directory and look him or her up.


Yellow pages and white pages are free to use, that's because these directory listings make money off of advertisements, back in the days, when yellow and white pages came in a book format, you would often see advertisements in between pages, now since everything is online, and you will more likely see advertisements on their homepage and a few advertisements on directory pages.

Similarities and Differences

  • Back in the old days, yellow and white pages came in a thick book format and still do, however, they are become obsolete fast, since a majority of people prefer to search over the Internet.
  • Yellow pages are used to search businesses, while white pages are used to search people.
  • Since the rise of the Internet, yellow pages and white pages have gone online and now anyone from almost anywhere can access their local directory listings.
  • Yellow pages and white pages are free to use for the general public, however, you may have to put up with pesky adverts that seem to pop up from nowhere.

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