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Difference between and

Gone are the days when searching for jobs were as tedious as referring to the ad pages of the newspapers and calling provided phone numbers one by one to check out details on a specific job opening. Today, looking for a new career is as easy as one click of a button-quite literally!

The Internet has provided us with so much, ranging from important information to quick and accessible forms of entertainment. Now, it is also a provider for possible employment opportunities for job seekers. Search engines for all sorts of jobs and job providers have now made their ways into the World Wide Web to make life a little more convenient. and are two of these sites.

How Does It Work?

Both and are what we call metasearch engines. Metasearch engines basically work by delivering searches done by users to other search engines and sites, after which results are compiled or aggregated into a list with their corresponding sources. The Internet contains millions of bits and pieces of information and the web is just too vast for one search engine to do its job on its own, which is why it is recommendable to use metasearch engines as the most inclusive results can be picked up from different search engines, thus increasing the chances for one to find what he or she is looking for..

What's In A Name? sounds like an exciting way to look for a job, as the domain looks almost like a promise of easy access to great new jobs! It was set up in 2003 by Peter Weck and Gautam Godhwani, however the initial beta site was launched in the year 2005. It now operates in 17 countries., on the other hand, sounds a little less direct to the point but still aims to deliver the same object as, which is to provide job seekers with a vaster array of options for career growth or expansion. Founded by Rony Kahan and Paul Forster in November of the year 2004, it not only showed job postings but also job and industry trends. At this point, it is operating in 25 countries, on 6 different continents and in 10 different languages.

Finding Jobs Through These Engines

Both sites have similar capabilities. There are job boards and forums to discuss job opportunities, links to social networks and career websites, and job and industry trends. Both also make use of the pay per click (PPC) system, an advertising strategy used on the Internet where advertisers pay their host site only once their advertisements on the page has been visited by a user.

Similarities and Differences and are both metasearch engines.

  • Both have job forums and links to related sites to make it easier for job searchers to navigate and look for more career opportunities.
  • Both use the PPC system.
  • has a Job trends Market Competition report page, it helps users to find Job Postings vs. Unemployment in each metropolitian area.
Which is the better job website?

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  • Ray . 3+ yrs. ago

Are they using same software? Same management? Result pages look similar. Anyway, personally I like Indeed home page.

  • Peter . 3+ yrs. ago

Having used both for a job hunt I found indeeds job postings more accurate and up to date.

  • Sameer . 3+ yrs. ago

Both sites are good we can say one of them is good.

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