Winter Olympics vs. Summer Olympics

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Difference between Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics

A lot of people love sports, and a majority of these people love to watch competitions within the country. But it would be more exciting and full of pride watching your country battle for gold against other countries of the world. Emerging victorious is a big step for a country to be recognized in a certain sport. Every four years, in every corner of the world, the Olympic Games are being held and enjoyed by all. This is done not only to prove which country is the best, but also to create camaraderie and stronger bonds with other people in different nations through safe sports. 


Winter Olympics, as the name suggests are held during winter, and is played every four years. The games that are played are called winter sports which are held on the coldness of snow or ice. In 1924, in France, the first Winter Olympic Games were held. Summer Olympics on the other hand are held under the scorching heat of the sun and are also held every four years. Both Olympic Games have medals as awards for the winners. These medals come in gold, silver and bronze, bronze being the last of the top three standings. Started in 1904 by the International Olympic Committee, it also held the Winter Olympics following the success of the Summer Games.


Only a few countries host Winter Olympics because of the absence of the winter season in such countries. Some of the participating countries in Winter Olympics are the United States, France, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Italy, Canada, Austria and Russia. Summer Olympics on the other hand was hosted by the majority of countries around the world. It has more than 205 countries as participants and holds 300 events for more than 10,000 competitors worldwide. Hosts of the Summer Olympic Games are as follows: USA, London, France, Australia, Germany, Greece, Canada, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, Finland, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Netherlands, Sweden, Soviet Union and China.


Games played during the Winter Olympics involve games that use ice or snow like freestyle skiing, short track speed skating, luge, speed skating, ski jumping, Nordic combined, ice hockey, figure skating, cross-country skiing, bobsledding, and Alpine skiing. Summer Olympics on the other hand hold sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Boxing, Swimming, Archery, Badminton, Cricket, Cycling, Fencing, Golf, Gymnastics, Weight Lifting, Tae Kwon Do, Table Tennis, Tennis, Shooting, Sailing, Polo, Rowing, Judo, Lacrosse, Triathlon and the like.

Similarities and Differences

  • Winter Olympic Games are held during winter, in the freezing snow every four years. Summer Olympic Games are held in the heat of the sun every four years.
  • Winter Olympic Games are participated by fewer countries due to the absence of the winter in certain areas. Summer Olympic Games are participated by almost 300 nations due to its popularity and greatness.
  • Winter Olympics have specific number of games which makes use of the snow or ice. Olympic Summer Games are home to almost 300 events.
  • Olympic Summer Games are more popular because of the mass of people it pulls and the countries eligible in participating at the said events. Also, the most popular sports are played during the Summer Olympics.
Which Olympics games would you rather attend?
  • Winter Olympics
  • Summer Olympics

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