Travel Agency vs. Ticket Agency

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Difference between Travel Agency and Ticket Agency

Travel agencies are the one stop choice for all travel related services like ticketing of airlines, cruise lines, railways, hotel reservations, tour packages, etc. Similarly, ticket agencies are companies which can provide you support for booking tickets of all kinds. They help you to buy tickets for events like music concerts, festivals, theater, sports etc. In both cases there can be best or worst choice according to your selection of provider. For a tourist the best choice is a good travel agency who can take care of all his needs for the travel experience including the booking of airline tickets, hotel reservations in places he plans to visit, availability of transportation etc.

Travel Agency
Ticket Agency


People love to travel, but more importantly they want hassle-free travel that is fun. Tourism is a main source of revenue for many countries and travel agencies play an important role in this. A really good travel agency can save you lots of time and money buy helping you to choose the best packages at comparatively lower rates. With their experience and expertise, they offer you optimum results.

Through a ticket agency one can purchase all types of tickets. The reputable ticket agencies sell tickets at face value and usually a nominal extra charge as booking fee. These agencies provide support to ensure your seat for the event or sports or a theatrical performance.


Of course there are many benefits but there are many disadvantages too. Not all the agencies can be relied.  Unfortunately, there are agencies that just vanish with your money. There are some limitations like the tourist sights, duration, choice of hotel etc. Agencies fix the pattern and duration. Sometimes the excursions may cost you a little more.

There are lots of risks of losing money while booking tickets through agencies. There are a few unauthorized agencies who sell tickets of sold out events to unsuspecting clients. Some agencies charge more than the face value of tickets.


Choosing a suitable provider is not an easy task. Before selecting a provider thoroughly research the location you would like to visit. Usually the travel agencies have their own specific tour packages, while some others readily include any location of your choosing into the package. You should be aware that agencies charges are not standard and you should compare prices of different provider and study the terms and conditions they provide before signing the bottom line.

Always buy tickets from authorized ticket agencies. Check whether they are charging much higher than face value. Read carefully the terms and conditions mentioned by the provider.

Similarities and Differences

  • TravelAgencies provide support on all your travel related requirements.
  • Ticket Agencies provide support on all your ticket related requirements regarding sports, events, concerts, theater etc.
  • Travelling is interesting and gratifying, if with ease, comfort and style. And this is applicable only if appropriate guidelines are adhered with paying respect to your provider.
  • Value your money and time. Be aware of frauds.
  • Make proper research before signing up and understand their terms and conditions before making any decision.

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