Ryegrass vs. Bermuda Grass vs. St. Augustine Grass

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Difference between Ryegrass, Bermuda Grass and St. Augustine Grass

Gardening is a hobby for many people who have a passion for making their lawns beautiful. When you want perfection regarding landscaping, you should know the best there is available. Knowing the lawn grass types is the first step you need to learn as the best type of lawn grass assures the best-looking lawn anyone could have. Much depends on the type of weather you want to plant it in, some options you may consider are Rye grass, Bermuda grass and St Augustine Grass. These grass types have different characteristics so your choice should also consider the type of gardener you are when it comes to selecting a type of grass for your home.

Weather Conditions

Rye grass reseeds itself yearly and provides a constant bulky bed at its base. It also provides a rich shade of green grass and grows with good speed. It shines even through mild winters where other grasses have becomes latent. Bermuda grass is ideal for summer season and has the characteristics to survive even in the harshest heat conditions. The growing speed is also fast, it becomes dormant in winters, and therefore, little maintenance is required in the summer season. St Augustine grass finds it hard to survive in the coldest season but it can be maintained with a some difficulty. It requires a lot of water to have a good and beautiful life.


You can even give some other grass a layer of rye grass as it is the easiest to grow. However, the best results are attained if it has proper contact with the soil. Even Bermuda grass spreads the best when mixed in the ground as it creeps to form a thick carpet that has sharp blades and gives a very fine look to your lawn. As the production is deep within, it lets the growth rate increase and even reproduction is possible. Clay soils are the best for St Augustine as this type of grass requires more water, the best type of soil is such that lets it absorb it all.

The Best Option

Even though Bermuda and St. Augustine grasses are the ones widely used on an ordinary scale, Rye grass is the one that can be considered the most successful. This is because it survives more than one season. Unlike St. Augustine and Bermuda grass, this type of a grass survives in both the spring and winter seasons, where as the other grass types survive in their respective seasons: winter and summers. Therefore, rye grass is the healthier option to go for as it allows for a longer period of growth.

Similarities and Differences

Rye grass is the best option for a lawn with longer life as it has a higher level of tolerance regarding weather conditions. Rye grass can also survive in mild temperatures. Other factors for its favor include the following reasons:

  • Rye is easier to plant and manage as well and works best in ordinary soil
  • Rye survives more than one season and looks magnificent and lively
Which type of grass is softest?
  • Ryegrass
  • Bermuda Grass
  • St. Augustine Grass

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A few years ago we over seeded with a perinal Rye grass in the St. Augustine. It is now out of control. It is growing at four times faster than the St. Augustine and we can not keep up the mowing schedule. I am aware that the summer heat will kill the Rye but even in the Florida summer heat the grass has still hung on the past two years. It is now back with a vengance. WE just want it gone. We have tried a combination of chemicals but nothing seems to get rid of the Rye. It is spring up in patches all over and stands out like a sore thump because it is growing so much faster than the St. Augustine.

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