Monarchy vs. Republic

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Difference between Monarchy and Republic

Perhaps the most ancient and the renowned form of government is the monarchy. The republic form of government is the one so commonly in practice these days. Both has its own merits and demerits.



Monarchy form of government is described as where only one person controls the country for the whole of the lifetime until he dies or is abdicated. The leader is known as monarch and is given more status then all the other people in the empire. He/She is given a distinguished status and everyone in the environment around him is answerable to him/her. A monarch usually has control of the government via hereditary or other means where the people have no say in the selection process and they have to accept the leader any way.

Republic Forms

The republic form of government is the type where the leader is not exactly like a monarch and is selected by the people. This selection is done by a process called election using ballot papers and secret voting. The head of the state makes the final decision but unlike monarchy, the people are consulted before the final decisions on a specific subject are made. The republican form of government came into existence in the 18th century and replaced monarchy in many countries since then.

Role of the Head of the State

The head of the state in the monarchy form of government rules as an autocrat where he can make or terminate laws and the no one has a right to interfere in the decisions that he makes. Modern monarchy has changed a bit from the conventional ones by giving special advising staff a small role in the policy making. The monarch has advisors now who analyze the situation these days and find possible solution to different issues and play active roles in the policy and legislation making processes.

The head of state in the republic form of government is elected by either of the people on the very basic level or by people sitting in the legislative assemblies. A fair and free process of election takes place usually keeping every vote private and at the end, the votes are counted as to announce the person with more followers or supporters, the one with more supporters from amongst a list of few people turns to be the head of the state.

Similarities and Differences

Both the form of governments has their distinct advantages and disadvantages:

  • A republican form of government is beneficial in that the people make decisions for themselves.
  • The head of state in republic state is not free to make decisions and has to consult the people or legislative assemblies in order to make laws and policies.
  • The chance of rebellions is minimal in case of the republic form of government.
  • The republican government has more chances of pacing up the development rate in the country as free policy making after consultations will be made.

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  • Lewis T. . 3+ yrs. ago

Wow, I remember having this exact debate back in '98! This brought so many smiles upon my face, if only I could relive the memories once more! Well, anyway, I believe that a Republic is the better option, it definitely tickles my leaves! (: (: <3. A republic holds the right to bear opinions and it was invented thousands of years ago when cavemen walked the Earth! When was monarchy invented? Hah! Come back to me when you figure out!!! Anyway, thanks for the post, and I'll definitely come back to read it once again when I feel down!

  • Jon S. . 3+ yrs. ago

Well well well, what do we have here?! I'm much older than you, young whopper, and I can tell you for sure that Monarchies were much better than Republics back in the day! Monarchies have a strong reign over the citizens, and that is exactly what is needed. They had a uniform religion and the people actually listened! Take that for a change!! I was born back in '55, don't talk back to me until you learn your facts! Monarchies were much more organized and were efficient in ruling! Don't reply but think about what you said, Lewis

  • Linda Callcut . 3+ yrs. ago

Modern Monarchies are not absolute rulers - they reign by the consent of the people, but have a government elected by the people. This government makes the laws and regulates them. So all above the above concerning Monarchies is a nonsense

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