Apple vs. Dell

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Difference between Apple and Dell

The Mac and PC debate has raged on for many years, and although a number of solutions have been presented that make for the best of both worlds, there is still a divide between the two, with Apple and Dell computers standing on either side. Both types of machines have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, and your specific needs and requirements will determine which one you will ultimately go for.



Most people lean towards Dells for business, legal, and engineering applications. Apple computers on the other hand are more common in the graphics, video and web design industries.

That being said, there has been an increasing overlap between the two markets over the past several years, and more and more examples of each can be found across numerous fields. The use of Intel processors in certain Apple computers has also resulted in the ability of these machines to run Windows software, as well as offer features and capabilities native to Dell and their ilk.

File Compatibility

The incompatibility of files between Apple and Dell has largely become a non-issue over the past few years thanks to the increasing convergence between the two platforms mentioned previously. Both types of computers can now generally read and write to each other's formats, provided of course that both Dell and Apple versions of the programs exist. In addition, Apple computers can now run Windows software thanks to programs such as Boot Camp, Parallels and VMware Fusion.


Apple computers have traditionally held the advantage over Dell and other PC computers in terms of reliability. While the accuracy of that perception has been in question for years, it did appear that the reliance of Apple on its own proprietary components resulted in a more stable system with far fewer things that could go wrong. PCs such as Dells on the other hand were assembled from components from different manufacturers, and this occasionally resulted in compatibility issues, some of which may still crop up today, depending on the components used.

That being said, things are quite a bit different nowadays, and both platforms can generally be counted on to provide an equal level of reliability and stability. All things being equal, you can be reasonably sure that an Apple and a Dell will provide similar performance, provided high quality parts are used.

Similarities and Differences


  • Still the industry standard for graphics, music, and video applications
  • Self-contained system that offers comparatively fewer options for upgrades and modifications
  • Still slightly more expensive than Dells
  • Smaller software selection, although Apple software is arguably of better quality


  • Easier and less expensive to upgrade
  • Wider range of upgrade and modification options
  • Open system that allows for a far greater degree of user customization
  • Cheaper than Apples, although upgrades may take it closer to Apple price territory
  • Stability and compatibility issues may still arise

Apple and Dell Video


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  • Samantha . 3+ yrs. ago

mac is ok….. but if you want something with speed, dell xps is really good! macs just dont have a lot of good features(final cut pro…PLEASE! adobe premiere is just as good, check the reviews) so a mac doesnt have anything good, i have an xps and it rocks!!! lets see….. more speed, 4 Gbs of ram, great features, i thnk xps destroys mac! theres just so many good things about xps, mac, not as much!!!GO DELL XPS 2010!!!

  • Griffin . 3+ yrs. ago

Your saying that dell xps is better because you have one... I currently don't own a laptop but mac has their technology way more up to date.. 10 hour battery life.. Don't need internet protection.. more updated with graphics.. even the freakin finger pad is groundbreaking.. Mac also comes with an assortment of applications already installed when you open the box. It has better lighting and screen clearance. Mac is the next generation of computers.. Guaranteed in 5-6 years mac will be the new dell. :)

  • Wade . 3+ yrs. ago

You all are super lame

  • pepeppa what are you doing in my chocolate? . 3+ yrs. ago

dell is the worst! like honestly, apple compurts can do littarly anything, and have a better warentyter then dell. I had a dell computer for almost/going on 3 years now, and I have done all the updates and ****, AND STILL I GOT ATLEAST 5 DIFFERENT TYPES OF VIRUSES ON MY FREAKING COMPUTER!AND DELL COMPUTERS HAVE TO BE HOOKED UP TO FREAKIN MACHINES SO IT CAN WORK(SO F'N COMPLACATED!) in my opinon, id choose apple(for sure) and not dell, DEFFENTLY NOT DELL(because they actullay suck) oh.... and did I mention, that I could even watch youtube or Netflix with out and add poping up in front lof my screen, and then my computer would make a lot of like fan noises(keep in mind that IVE ONLY HAD THIS COMPUTER FOR ABOUT 3 YEARS)

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