Verizon vs. AT&T

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Difference between Verizon and AT&T

Two of the very renowned cellular companies providing telephony solutions are into a battle with each other for almost three decades now. Both the companies started working back in the 80s, precisely in the same year 1983. Verizon Communication is based in New York while AT&T is based in Dallas, Texas. Verizon Communication and AT&T wireless have been competing with each other ever since their formation as companies and have generated revenue of $97.4 billion and $119.3 billion.


Product Range

The product range of both the companies is exactly the same apart from the additional wireless services that Verizon Communication has been rendering. The net income for the year 2008 for Verizon Communication and AT&T are $6.4 billion and $10.5 billion respectively. Total assets at AT&T are worth $284.5 billion while at Verizon Communications are $202.4 billion. AT&T has a better market worth then Verizon Communications at the corporate level.

Service Analysis

Though AT&T Wireless is a much richer company then the Verizon communication but the later provides more services to the customers then AT&T. in addition to this, Verizon communication lies at rank number 48 compared to AT&T lying at rank number 12 as of now. The services that Verizon Communication provides to its customers include voice, voicemail, wireless, Verizon VoiceWing, video, data and directory operations. Compared to these, AT&T is providing voice, wireless, video and data.

Customer Satisfaction

AT&T is not entertaining its customers in the way they should entertain them. The customers are though satisfied with the services that the company is providing but still the company-consumer relationship is not satisfactory at all. In addition to this, the coverage of AT&T is a huge issue. The 3G connectivity that it offers is not covering the whole of the United States as compared to the coverage and connectivity that Verizon Communication provides. This edge was cashed in one of the Verizon Communication's add lately where a map showing a comparison of coverage of both Verizon communications and AT&T Wireless was shown that was later challenged in the courts as well. The map is reported to have depicted the right information. Customers at AT&T are seriously not happy with the 3G coverage in the United States. Verizon phones are similar to the AT&T only that they provide more services. The plans provided are more or less similar but still the customers are more attracted to the Verizon plans that include some unlimited packages.

Similarities and Differences

AT&T is doubtlessly the company with more revenue along with a better annual income generated as compared to Verizon Communication, still the customers are attracted towards Verizon Communications:

  • Verizon Communications is offering innovative payment plans every now and then to attract more people towards using their services.
  • The plans at Verizon communications are said to attract more people by providing more free minutes and better night plans with better and interactive services for a nominal additional fee.
Which network provider has better phone coverage?
  • Verizon
  • AT&T

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  • John wrote on April 2010

I myself am a happy verizon customer but the commercials are almost funny how much they seem to be trying to slam each other. so whats the truth? what do people really think about verizon and AT&T? I honestly like the way verizon is set up much better and i just find it easier to use and i've never had any problems with it. I'm on verizon's side.

When you compare, there is a comparison...

AT&T sucks big time mainly for iPhone in NY and NJ area. Dropped calls, network issues, loading times, there are so many issues with AT&T.

  • Guest
  • erick Gallegos wrote on July 2010

However, AT&T is improving now, also, when it comes to international coverage, AT&T is a lot more reliable than Verizon because with AT&T phones, you can use sim cards from local areas in where you are visiting like for example, if you take AT&T to Canada, rather than paying for their international services, just swap the AT&T sim card for Rogers sim card, same thing for Telcel sim card in Mexico;

With verizon, it's ****, they force you to use their EXPENSIVE international rates and they don't even work in many areas, it's so crappy, no signal, due to GSM vs CDMA frequencies, I strongly prefer AT&T, best coverage in my area, have full bars in trains, rural areas, in subways, in deep buildings, in basements, strong signals while passing through mountains while with verizon it's IMPOSSIBLE even to have steady signal, get cut off all the time, no signal at all in many areas, poor speed of 200 Kbps compared to AT&T's 1.2 Mbps data.

And not to mention I can't get signal with verizon in most classrooms in my university while I can with AT&T.

GO AT&T. Verizon suck.

First and foremost, we need good coverage here in US. I really don't care about the coverage world wide.

After seeing your comment, I checked my iPhone and I found 9 dropped calls just today. I am not sure whether the problem is with iPhone hardware or AT&T coverage. But, I am paying the bill to AT&T so they are responsible.

  • Guest
  • alberta wrote on March 2018

I just wish the Contributor would learn to spell

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