Hurricanes vs. Blizzards

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Difference between Hurricanes and Blizzards

Blizzards and hurricanes are disturbing natural phenomena. Both cause a great deal of damage but under different conditions. Blizzards involve heavy snowfall whereas hurricanes involve heavy torrential rains with great winds. Whosoever has encountered such experiences has prayed to never see them again. Many Americans have witnessed both blizzards and hurricanes at one point of the time or other. Blizzards can wreak havoc on a community and hurricanes are known to have caused an amazing amount of property damage.Both blizzards and hurricanes can also have an adverse impact on human lives.

Affected Areas

Hurricanes can impact areas of up to 600 square miles. Blizzards are generally limited to a much smaller area of coverage. Wind speeds in hurricanes are in excess of 75 miles/hr and more whereas winds don't have such ferocious speeds in blizzard conditions. They need only blow at a pace of 35 mph (miles per hour) or more. Hurricanes can inflict a place for days and even weeks. But a blizzards usually relatively short lived and need only blows for 3 hours or more in a day.


Hurricanes can be defined differently by titles such as tropical storm, tropical cyclone and typhoon as per the location and intensity. In a hurricane, strong winds originate near the low pressure centers with heavy rains. When moist air rises, the water vapor present in it condenses leading to grave rainfall. When such hurricanes happen at seas called tropical cyclones, they can lead to breakage of ships. Blizzards are characterized by heavy snow and strong winds as result of two strong weather fronts colliding with strong air currents and heavy moisture content.


Hurricanes and blizzards in the US are generally preceded by weather alerts and the activation of emergency procedures but there are times when community members don't follow the rules are caught in thick of it. In the case of hurricanes, there may simply be no way to fully protect one's possessions from the awesome power of the system.

Blizzards don't usually destroy property but always present inconveniences for entire communities that must find ways of conducting their daily lives regardless of the snow levels. Both disturbances can present issues with electrical failures and water scarcity.


  • Coping.

    Community support is the best way to approach either weather challenge. Community leadership should be encouraged to prepare plans in case of either emergency and to have up to date plans to enact in either case. Citizens should always be aware of what is expected of their leadership and what is expected from the citizenry.
  • After-Condition

    . It's not such a pleasant experience getting out of the house after blizzard or hurricanes. After hurricanes, dirty, germ-infested water must be avoided by all, especially young children. After a blizzard, check on the sick or elderly in your neighborhood. And do your best to enjoy the snow.

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