Hotels vs. Resorts

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Difference between Hotels and Resorts

These days everyone loves excursions. Hotels and resorts present the most comfortable accommodation options because of their lavish rooms. Hotels also provide all the facilities just like a resort. It's better to have a look at the features of hotels and resorts before booking any of them as poor quality can ruin the fun of the excursion. Websites of such structures can provide you their images and menus along with the amenities offered that can aid in the selection decision. Convenient residing facilities are preferable during trips these days since they are not generally made frequently. My advice is to opt for the best you can budget for and to have a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Nature of Residence

Hotels are prepared to provide soothing residence for short term periods. They are the best choices when you are staying out of town for a few days. The same is not the case with resorts with their focus on being much more than just accommodation places. Resorts usually have shopping complexes also. Destination resorts are examples of comprehensive resorts. Such resorts are self-contained with shopping facilities and restaurants and for making the visitors love their splendid trips. These resorts are huge like the Atlantis in Bahamas and charge sizeable fares for the conveniences they provide.


Hotels often focus on attracting business conferences and business travelers. Hotels are often located in the midst of cities, near popular attractions or near airports but resorts are generally found situated near popular vacation or tourist attractions. Since hotels can also be booked for more formal purposes like imparting training to employees or holding business conventions, they are placed in the vicinity of convention facilities or contain convention facilities within. In contrast, resorts pride themselves on having scenic backdrops to accentuate the "get away from it all" feeling for visitors.


In some places, resorts indulge their guests more than their hotel counterparts by offering things such as freebies like tickets to the most reputed theme parks in the area. They are generally affiliated with guided tours to the most magnificent local attractions or historic city sites. Some, but not all, hotels have started providing such tours as a part of travel packages.

Similarities and Differences

  • Choice of vacation.

    A resort is a full-fledged amenity laden choice that provides for many anticipated needs of tourists including nearby entertainment and shopping. A resort can also include a hotel as one of its features. Resort rooms may not be numbered but they are generally numbered in hotels.
  • Costs.

    A hotel can be an excellent option for the stay of a few nights, but an extended stay during holidays can be more pleasingly enjoyed in a resort. Resorts are known to come with higher costs but in remote locations security can be an issue and resorts can be the best choice for families and anyone with security concerns.
Where will you stay on your next vacation?
  • Hotels
  • Resorts

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