Dish Network vs. DirecTV

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Difference between Dish Network and DirecTV

With television having undergone numerous innovations over the past few years, the race is on to provide the global audience with clearer picture, more channels, and more features. Some of the biggest names in television providers today are Dish Network and DirecTV. Although Dish Network isn't as well known as DirecTV, they are both capable of providing a quality viewing experience.

Dish Network


DirecTV is by far more famously associated with satellite television, and the company has been involved in the industry ever since the earliest days of its inception. Even while the industry was entering into its boom period, DirecTV made itself a formidable presence as well. And as satellite television expands to cover a wide array of multimedia applications, DirecTV remains a strong contender.

Although a bit less of a household name than DirecTV, Dish Network is nevertheless fast shaping up to be a major player in the satellite television industry. Ever since it broke ground a few years ago, the company has seen an impressive growth in business, with many customers drawn to its wealth of features and reliable service.


What sets DirecTV apart from the other competitors in the field is its stellar range of services and satellite television packages. The company offers costumers a generous degree of customizability and it remains very easy to use. In fact, DirecTV is one of the easiest services to use right out of the box and it offers basically plug and play performance. On the downside, it is pretty basic. Although some may appreciate the fact that there is no tedious setup to deal with; just basic high quality satellite television when you want it, with a minimum of hassle.

Dish Network has adopted the no-holds barred approach by comparison, with a slew of services that go above and beyond what you would except from a mere satellite television service. Among some of the features that the Dish Network can lay claim to are high-quality broadcast quality, robust and reliable hardware, a host of attractive packages, and a decent degree of user customization. The feature set is also a lot richer than you would expect, and Dish Network can basically offer the full range of home theater capabilities.


The lowest priced DirecTV package costs about $30 a month, and this gets you up to 40 channels. This is a pretty decent price considering everything you get, and the uniformly high quality of the audio and video makes it a pretty good deal indeed. DirecTV also offers other packages at higher rates, with more features, capabilities and channels.

Dish Network offers 40 channels as well, although the price is much lower than DirecTV's coming in at just under $20. Up this to $95 a month and you get a whopping 280 channels.

Similarities and Differences

Dish Network

  • Very reasonably priced
  • 280 channels available with the $95 package
  • Loads of features and capabilities


  • Affordable rates
  • Wide array of different packages at different price options
  • Decent feature set, albeit on the slim side

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  • Wynne . 3+ yrs. ago

directv has horrible customer service. was a former customer and rejoined after moving into a new house. was promised rebates and free movies channels and alas once I’ve setup. I’m not eligible for either of them. No one could tell me why, after being transferred several times and 4 hours of being on the phone, I got crappy movie channels and still no rebate… again… they could not tell me why. so I canceled my contract and am disputing the ridiculous fee of 460 dollars they want to charge. signed up with dish.. quick and painless, installed the next day for free, 2 free hd dvr’s, a comparable package and better yet, half the price!!!

  • Nicole . 3+ yrs. ago

I work in one of DISH Network's call centers and I just want to add that DISH offers more channels in HD than Direct. Plus, DISH has the Sling Adapter which allows all the subscribed programming and DVR recordings to be streamed onto any mobile device anywhere as long as high-speed internet is available.

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