AA Battery vs. AAA Battery vs. 9 Volt Battery

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Difference between AA battery, AAA battery and 9 volt battery

Batteries are one of the most integral components of both homes and offices today. Selecting the right kind of battery can go a long way in determining the utility of many often used systems such as speakers and light kits installed in your house. Each of these three battery types- AA batteries, AAA batteries and 9 volt batteries- are excellent for use in electrical transferable devices. Both AA and AAA batteries are also brilliant for use because they can run on rechargeable cells. However, batteries are sold commonly for one time use and are thrown away after being used. These types of batteries are so generally used these days that it's rare to not have used them one time or the other. Both AA and AAA batteries are generally available in lithium, alkaline and rechargeable batteries.

AA battery
9 volt battery

Size, Capacity and Usage

AAA batteries are the lightest of these three types. They weigh 11.5 grams. On the other hand, the AA battery typically weigh around 23 grams. Heaviest are 9 volt batteries weighing in at 45.6 grams. 9 volt batteries have the most noticeable appearance due to their broadest peripheries as compared to the AA and AAA batteries. Typically, AAA batteries are used in devices like amplifiers, MP3 players but AA batteries are used in TV remotes, cameras, flashlights and keyboards. The 9 volt batteries got their name because they can produce current of the intensity of 9 volts. These batteries are employed in smoke detectors and fire alarms. The capacity in MA.h of an AA battery is three times that of AAA battery. Movable electronic devices like remote controls earlier used AA batteries but now they have been miniaturized with technology and are small enough to run on AAA batteries also.


Voltage required with AAA batteries is 1.5V whereas with the AA batteries, different voltage versions are available.  The voltage produced by the AA battery is reliant on the cell's strength and can vary from 4.5 to 9 volts. But, generally, AA batteries are associated with higher voltages. As a rule, AA batteries should not be used in devices with lower voltage.

Composition and Shape

AA and AAA batteries have only one electrochemical cell but you will find distinctive shapes in these cells.  The length of the AAA battery is 44.5 mm whereas the AA battery is taller, measuring 51 mm.  The 9 volt batteries have a medium length of 48 mm. The 9 volt batteries have a prism like shape whereas AA and AAA batteries are shaped like cylinders.

Similarities and Differences

  • AA batteries are costlier than other kinds of batteries, but they are stronger batteries with longer durations. AA batteries produce potent currents than AAA batteries. They also don't have a higher electric current drain capacity.
  • The capacity of AA batteries is quite high, around 3000 Ma.h. But AAA batteries can't produce more than 1555 Ma.h of current. The 9 volt batteries produce lowest currents with 625 Ma.h.

AA battery and AAA battery and 9 volt battery Video

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Which type of battery do you use most?
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